Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 5

Art: Wild Flax
Blue Wild Flax Flowers in the Grass

Welcome! If we were having coffee together today, I would invite you to join me in the back yard, where I’ve set up the camping chairs. Between them, to act as a table, is a folding chair, long ago discarded from a funeral home that my father used to work for part time. He brought home quite a number of them, some of which he painted and kept to accommodate our then large family gatherings. This evening, I’ve been drinking hot coffee/hot milk in equal proportions. I’ve Toddy coffee concentrate as well as Oolong, Darjeeling, Red Rose and Tetley tea. Also, the local grocery was giving out free lemonade mix for those whose purchase totaled more than twenty-five dollars, and I’ve made up a pitcher of lemonade to cool in the refrigerator.

If we were sharing coffee, this weekend, I would invite you to play with the dogs while you are here. The dogs have been going through behavioral changes as they grow, pushing boundaries. I’m currently trying to keep them from jumping onto me. Half an hour ago, my puppy (Thaddeus) undertook a flying leap from the love seat underneath the living room window onto my lap (holding my computer at the time) as I sat on the rocking chair in front of the bookshelf situated against the opposing wall. They seem to have calmed down, now. At this time of the night, they are resting and waiting for their evening tooth cleaning and a good brushing with the grooming brush and comb. As I look back, it seems to me that these are the first puppies to enjoy grooming since the puppy that Al had when we got married.

I would share with you my concern about my parents’ health, which seems to have gone downhill since we visited them a few months ago. They now have a nurse coming in every few weeks as well as an aide to help my father with his laundry and cleaning and straightening his room. There was a “family meeting” that I did not enjoy. I dislike subterfuge and bullying, and attempts at manipulation. I wish not to join in, and so I will not. There is a point at which, very early on, offering opinions/suggestions is perceived as attack; there should rather be discussion of circumstances and choices among realistic alternatives made by parties concerned.

If we were sharing coffee together, this evening, I would ask your reassurance that it is all right to abandon self-imposed deadlines and continue to attend to matters as is comfortable to me. My accomplishment, these past days/weeks, is to have gotten both laundry and dish washing caught up. My clothes, following the two days of washing, are mostly hung up in the closet. What I’ve worn, these past few days, is lying on the closet floor. Too tired to bend over to pick it up.

I probably spoke of this previously, but I had intended to continue with my last remaining client. I decided that I cannot, and so I told her when she stopped by for her last recital programs of the school year. The school where she taught music, in addition to her giving private music lessons in her home, unexpectedly closed, and I have some doubt as to whether she got her final pay check. The customer who at the end of winter had found someone else to do her work while I was ill for so many weeks, then called to ask if I was still doing occasional work. I was able to say “No” and stick to that, which brought forth the information that she has had a number of projects stack up, and the person who has been helping her is not equipped to meet her expectations. I would tell you that it concerns me, not having anyone to whom I can send them. But I do not.

I am happy to say that my husband has fixed the tension on my exercise bike, and I was able to put in 2.5 miles, yesterday. Also, my waking SpO2 level today was 95% (only one percent below the healthy range), and my pulse rate was 69 bpm. I am told that under 80 bpm is good. This is great improvement, especially as we get into the allergy and outdoor cooking months of the year. I have also practiced piano nearly every day since the technician was here on May 23. My poetry writing challenges are caught up, now. I still have to do my Julia Cameron and Blogging U tasks, which I blew off to ease the pressure. I intend to deal more kindly with myself to reduce stress and concentrate on what matters.

I should mention, in closing, that I still have some problems with eyesight/eye strain. We must, my husband and I, make those appointments with an eye doctor to see if new glasses will help. In the meantime, please excuse the inevitable tyops.

Thanks once again for joining me for a visit, this weekend. I’ve enjoyed it.

Until next week, best wishes!


One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 5

  1. I am drinking coffee now. It’s early evening, when I usually don’t have coffee. As it turns out, the timing’s good, since I am reading your post now.

    I’d enjoying playing with the puppies. I’m glad they’re growing and hope their antics are funnier than being inconvenient. You take good, close care of them. My cat was one who liked to be combed by the metal comb, eschewing the brush. I guess one never knows.

    I’m happy to hear that your health is improving, challenges notwithstanding. I’d reassure you that making changes to reduce pressure on life is viable and usually promising. In fact, I should take a measure of that assurance for myself. I’m looking for a part-time job that complements disability due to heart disease. I’m stressing over whether or not to take the opportunity at hand (that would not be my first choice) or hope that better chances might still land for me. Kind of the reverse of the saw about birds in hand or bush.

    I think that knowing you need to ease off with clients is something smart to act on. Quality of life is crucial, after all.

    Thank goodness, the bike and piano are both viable now. They are prodigious and productive pursuits.

    You’ve laid out quite the refreshment spread. Dark-roast coffee with half-and-half and Splenda is usually what I have. I like herbal tea as well, most kinds.

    I have a set of older wood chairs that I’ve used as tables, too.

    Well, I hope the start of your new week has been good. Woof to the dogs. Enjoy the days, especially as you adeptly make them more enjoyable.


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