Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 19

If we were having coffee together, today, I would suggest iced coffee. The Heat Index is 90°F (32°C), and the humidity is higher than is comfortable. I look forward to tonight, for which the forecast low is 58°F. Yesterday morning we had a thunderstorm and pounding rain.

The living room and kitchen are still a mess. I have two more bookshelves to empty before we can remove the last of the carpeting. The puppies have decided that they can climb and eat everything, so books are going into the basement, where I gave away enough books that shelf space is now available. The puppies are now wrestling on the love seat.

If we had gotten together yesterday, you would have found them devising new methods of pushing back the kitchen chairs so they could climb onto the table to get onto the counters. (They’re now banned from the kitchen as well as the basement, bathroom and the sleeping areas.)

If we were having coffee together, I would share my frustration at having to spend the majority of my waking moments during the past two weeks either napping or dog sitting. My husband has activities to attend to; yesterday he worked a paid four-hour shift at the marksmanship center. Volunteers are sparse during the summer months. Last night, we put the puppies to bed in their kennels before midnight, and I stayed up writing, reading and planning out various activities until after seven o’clock this morning. I put on the coffee to brew when I woke up shortly before ten o’clock. I’ve been trying to find time to write a #weekendcoffeeshare post since Friday. By the time I sat down, my head was empty of all ideas.

The puppies (who are getting restless) will soon be begging my attention for another trip out outdoors. Thank you for spending time here visiting with me. Before you go, I have a few photographs from yesterday morning before the rain to share that I worked on during the night. Please visit Diane’s Weekend Coffee Share post, where you will find her post and also the InLinkz button where others are sharing their own links.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 19

  1. The flowers are gorgeous, and the puppy is adorable. Iced coffee sounds good. It’s supposed to be ninety here as well. Managing the puppies and the carpet and safe (from puppy) storage and finding good time to write all sounds quite a challenge. You do it all, even if you’re not satisfied with the timing. I hope you (all) have a safe and healthy week. Thanks for coffee time!

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    • Thanks for the kind words and good wishes. Al will be taking part in the annual ARRL Field Day activities, and so the puppies and I will have three days to manage by ourselves. In a way I think that will be simpler, because I can just curl up with the puppies on the living-room floor to sleep, all of us under the same quilt. Al and I went out for supper, this evening, and I’ve finished what I’d planned for the day. Going to sleep, now. Best wishes to you for the week and your endeavors. (Enjoying your poetry!)


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