Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 26

wild flax flower, color altered

If we were having coffee, today, it would have to be a short visit. My husband came home early from the ARRL Field Day activities that began Saturday at noon; he and his friends usually get out to the camping ground a day early. The wind gusts, last time I checked, were 44 miles per hour, and the fellows had a long drive to get back to town.

The puppies missed him, and they kept me busy in his absence. We took morning and afternoon naps both Friday and Saturday, which gave me time to recuperate.

If we were having coffee together, I would lament the fact that neighbors on two sides (although one was a couple of houses down from us) had huge fires in their back yards. The new neighbors to our south have put in a permanent fire pit with surrounding patio in their back yard. I am allergic to smoke (and chemical fumes, fragrances, petroleum distillates, &c.) and feared I would need another ER trip, but did get inside quickly enough.

Usually I enjoy spending the evening in the back yard with the puppies. Yesterday we took another nap, and today we got out extra early, so they could play while I took photographs, drank Toddy coffee and put in 2.5 miles on the exercise bike before eight o’clock. While Al was gone, I missed playing the piano, but I find that I crave exercise more.

If we were visiting together this weekend, I would be able to offer you sushi and crab salad on millet toast. Also various green salads and fresh fruit. When Al goes away for a long weekend, we go together to the grocery to buy favorite treats.  He brought home hot dogs, and I’m giving him the other (store-bought) seafood chef’s salad for his supper. I cooked up a pound and a half of beef liver with a yellow onion and four thick-cut slices of bacon, which I enjoyed at supper, last night, and also for this morning’s breakfast. I did not share them with the puppies, although they did get some slices from the bananas.

My weekend has been a technical disaster with the touch screen no longer working on my laptop and my stick computer not working at all since the last time I unplugged it in advance of thunderstorms. I cannot tell if the stick computer is getting electricity, and my only alternative for testing it is on one of Al’s monitors (HDMI). I did find the missing power cord for my HP laptop, though, so I’m up a computer, again.

I have not visited with other family members in weeks, and I am feeling uneasy about that. I am confident that my father is doing well, but I worry about my mother, who does not always recognize my voice when I have called, and hangs up the telephone. Both are hard of hearing. They both have trouble with their hearing.

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One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, June 26

  1. hi
    thanks for the coffee. The sushi and crab salad on millet toast, sounds delish, (confession never heard of it before.)
    your computer did you try switching it off and then making an offering to the computer gods then switching it on again?
    Ha! couldn’t resist that one.
    have an awesome weekend and thanks for the chat.


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