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It’s Wednesday!

The Scampers are at the veterinary clinic, recuperating from their micro-chipping and neutering. We dropped them off at 7:30 this morning. After a brief stop at the grocery, We came home to eat melon slices in the calm quiet and then took very long naps. Such sweet solitude! Missing the puppies now, however. In another hour we can pick them up, again.

The Scampers, Cocker Spaniels, beside the wild flax garden.

We never did get them to the groomers, and now we will have to wait another two weeks. Assuming that we can get an appointment, which we couldn’t when we’d have liked to, which would have been before their surgeries.

I tried calling the folks’ place, last night, but there was no answer. I’ve decided that the telephone is not a good medium for them at this point. Tomorrow I will try to write a letter to mail to them. I suspect that my mother figures that nobody calls that she wants to talk to, and so she just ignores the telephone…if she hears it at all.

Actually, I feel that way a lot, myself. My phone number used to be that of a business, and so I get odd spam calls from people wanting to loan my “business” obscene amounts of money. Usually while I’m taking a nap. Or have not yet awakened.

I am having a delightful time reading and chasing down old favorites, so that I can reread them. Latest few: Shade and Shadow by Francine G. Woodbury,  Lightwing by Tara K. Harper, and Star Driver by Lee Correy. I look forward to our appointment with the optometrist at the end of July and the possibility of new glasses.

I figure I have about five weeks in which to clean my guns before I go to the marksmanship center able to see the targets, again, at fifty feet. I also must find my hand weights and begin doing wrist exercises. I’m up to more than three miles a day on the exercise bike; in the not too distant past (in terms of years, not longer months), I was putting in twenty-five miles a day. I shall not regret, however. I have a need to find another book of general exercises that will help with general strengthening.

The piano playing project is coming along nicely. The Scampers still howl occasionally, but I’m still getting to the piano at least every other day. I love the warm-up exercises, but I’ve also returned to some favorite preludes, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and other favorites from my J. S. Bach piano book. My back’s still giving me trouble when I sit for too long, but there is general improvement.

I may have to grab a sheet of staff paper and write out what the notes off the staff are. I’ve forgotten over these past years. I was right to put out the brass instruments for people to pick up from the curb, this spring. But I’m also glad that in addition to the piano, I’ve hung onto my harmonicas and the soprano recorder.

Some melodies running through my head, also, but I don’t think I’m up to doing anything with those. Perhaps never, again, except in my mind.

I made a nice jug of Toddy coffee concentrate over the weekend, and I’m now looking forward to a nice cup of iced coffee-and-milk before we head out to bring the Scampers home again.

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely day, wherever you are!



2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. Such open, engaging musing. I enjoy every paragraph. It was so good of you to make available brass instruments for the community. I had a trumpet that I gave away. It’s frightening how costly these instruments are. Again, I appreciate your taking such good care of the Scampers. I can appreciate the peaceful breaks–and then missing them. I trust they’re enjoying life at home, again.

    It’s great that you’re playing the piano and getting ready to target-shoot. Overall, you must get a good kind of work-out. Not too much, I hope. If your mother avoids the telephone, I understand. Nineteen out of twenty calls I get, anymore, are from strangers selling things I don’t want to buy. Sigh.

    Your coffee treat sounds tasty. I’m teaching part-time now, and there’s an iced-coffee maker in the lounge. But you have to bring your own ice.

    Be well. Woof! to the puppies.


    1. Greetings! 😀

      I am so happy to learn that you now have a part-time teaching position. Aside from your enjoying teaching (I would suppose), the variety of interactions and an added structure to the week must alleviate any boredom. And another brass player! So pleased! Several of my siblings played brass instruments, and I gave my “good” cornet to my brother Tim (timminn at wordpress) for his son Colin, once the boy was ready to start band. (Colin has now been an attorney for some years and is a father of children with music/dance proclivities.) Tim must be called regarding picking up the Great Books set for Colin. It’s living in the garage, right now. I have kept the year books, because I have not yet read them.

      Just tried to call my mother again, and after two calls (3+ minutes or more total), still now answer. The s-i-l who lives in the same town is supposed to be away on vacation for two weeks, I’m not sure when and I think it’s out of the country. I think she is supposed to be back this weekend, and will try calling her number, then, to get an update. There should be healthcare aides, but I don’t have their number or schedule.

      I’ve just put on another 12 ounces of Folgers medium grind coffee to steep, around eight thirty or so this morning; It will be ready to decant at about that time this evening. Lovely stuff, Toddy Coffee! Because it is never heated overmuch (never approaching boiling), it tastes sweet and has a chocolate undertaste.

      The puppies have done with playing outside, now, and so I’m going inside to write my #WeekendCoffeeShare post, which I was going to do last night, only I ran out of time by falling asleep. 😀

      Hope you’re enjoying lovely weather and good company, there!



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