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If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would offer you a (gluten-free) chocolate or blueberry muffin to go with the Toddy coffee (made with half-and-half, cold or hot). I’m getting up to refill my cup. There’s also Oolong tea, and it won’t take much time to heat the water.

If we were to get together, this morning, it might be in the gazebo, where I’ve still got to put in my 2.5 to 3.0 miles on the exercise bike. I would have done that earlier, but The Scampers (see puppy photo, above) have taken exception to the two new dogs in the neighborhood and to the one right across the back fence from us, who’s visiting for the holiday weekend. More noise early on a Sunday morning than was tolerable, and so we’re all inside, again. I will sneak out later, once Al is awake to oversee the puppies. In the meanwhile, I’ve put my skirts in the dryer, having started them in the washing machine when I first got up.

I tried calling my parents’ home again yesterday, but it seems as though someone has unhooked the answering machine, because I cannot leave a message for my mother to call me. I’m finding that somewhat frustrating. However, the home-care folks have our telephone numbers, should anything go wrong while my s-i-l is out of town, and of course there is my brother, who lives nearby. I understand much better why my mother still talks to hers (who died many years ago); I am so used to visiting with her on the telephone and by email that there is a vacuum instead of atmosphere in that portion of my awareness.

This morning while we were outside, The Scampers and I, before the other dogs appeared from their respective houses, enjoyed a wander around the yard before I started to take photographs of the various wildflowers. The patch of “invasive species” wildflowers appeals to pollinators of various sorts. I love the common thistle and plan to wait for them to bloom before I pull them out. In the flax flower garden was the inevitable bee who could not believe that not a single blue wild flax flower would hold it up for long enough to settle in for a drink; he fell out of more flowers than I could be bothered to count. Meanwhile, The Scampers were keeping tabs on me, totally missing Bunny, who was beyond the fence in back of them and keeping an eye on them both while he was nibbling damp and tender morning grass.

This is a holiday weekend for us. It stands out particularly because I cannot go outside past noon or so on account of the smoke from outdoor grills, recreational fires and illegal fireworks here in the core of the city. I’ve gotten a pain in my chest from it, and so later in the day and into the evening, Al has been taking the puppies out. I am tempted to bring an air cleaner out into the gazebo (it has double-pane windows plus screen windows) to run for an hour or so before I go out. I miss being able to go outside, and I think that the smoke is high enough that it will not come in through the open decking that, with an underlying metal screen, comprises the floor.

We went to the grocery, yesterday, for holiday treats. I got a seafood and a spinach salad (premade, although I add stuff, once I get it home), cottage cheese, fresh fruit and a pint of Rocky Road ice cream. Al got hot dogs, buns and three pints of ice cream.

I had better rescue the laundry from the dryer, now, and then take a cup of coffee to my husband, who’s still tucked into bed and sound asleep. (As we have gotten into retirement, it’s become obvious that he’s the real night owl in the family. Even if I don’t get to bed before three-thirty or four o’clock in the morning, I’m usually awake by six-thirty or seven o’clock. Of course, I do also take morning, afternoon and/or evening naps…)

Ah! Coffee delivery and laundry rescue…

Thanks for dropping by, this morning! I look forward to seeing you again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and an enjoyable week.


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One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share | Spectator Sports

  1. I’m glad that the Scampers got to peruse the perimeter–and that Bunny got in breakfast or brunch, too. Sorry for the wreckage of air that your town makes. Not a pleasant way to have a holiday. With heart disease come breathing issues, too. So I think I understand. I bought fruit and cottage cheese yesterday. Sometimes I decide I really want that. Good luck to the bee, perhaps as summer progresses. Thank you for providing such pleasant and smart narrative.


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