Pastimes | 22 July 2016 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together, this weekend, you would find grand changes at our house. At seven months of age, The Scampers enjoyed their first bath and haircut at the groomers. The dogs are having water, today, and I am having iced Toddy coffee. We’ve also got lemonade-flavored ice tea, which Al enjoys, 7-Up for the desperate, and hot tea (teabags), to accompany the recently acquired blueberries and strawberries. No home-made yogurt, this week, but I’ve got some (plain) store-bought that goes well with the fruit. (The Scampers ate the last chunks of watermelon…and cantaloupe.)

buff & cream cocker after bath & cut

After Monday’s great adventure at the pet salon, The Scampers are all set for the hot summer, which this week has turned out to be. I do not like temperatures in the 90s. The Scampers, however, enjoy getting out there and sunning themselves while I huddle in the shade of the shed or gazebo (depending on time of day) and consume much cold water.


sable cocker spaniel after bath and cut

I would share with you my relief after the last few weeks of worry. I finally managed to contact my mother by telephone, late last Sunday. She told me that she was busy, and then hung up her phone. Fortunately, she did call on Monday or Tuesday, and we visited for almost half an hour. We shared stories of our battle scars of age. I learned that she is, in her 90s, coping with macular degeneration, as well as increasing memory problems. Oddly, my father, who turns 100, this year, is having problems only with some frailty and hearing, which he considers not to have become bad enough to justify hearing aids. He and I do not have problems conversing. I am hopeful that my mother may remember that we have spoken recently, sharing an enjoyable time together on the telephone, and call again.

If we were having coffee together, I would share with you some of my photo art, which mostly lives on the computer, these days. For about ten years, in addition to my academic style editing/resume writing work (freelance writer/editor, taking on all sorts of jobs for thirty years, after spending fifteen years and some months in IT in the finance and insurance industries), I sold prints, cards (and coordinating photo stamps) via the Internet. Now, the new stuff mostly goes up on my personal Facebook page.

I have been quite happy with being retired, but sometimes I think I would like to find a local fulfillment company that could make prints for me to have framed and hung on the walls. I was not happy with stuff I could print out on my color printer. My mother used to do some nice prints on her equipment, with which she decorated her office and the living room at home.

I still am spending much time outside with the dogs, who would like to go out frequently, of necessity, but will not go outside without me. Β If we were having coffee together, it would indeed be easier to do so in the gazebo. There is now a floor fan out there.

I confess that I have not looked into getting an elliptical exercise contraption yet. I have been getting up and outΒ early to the gazebo and am putting in a few miles of pedaling each day, although sometimes broken into two or three sessions.

I hope to establish a place for lists where I can find them again. Where do you keep yours? Do you have trouble finding them?

Please venture forth to Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog to enjoy her weekendcoffeeshare post and read more about this weekend happening! Links, &c.



cocker spaniels before and after grooming
Before and After

16 thoughts on “Pastimes | 22 July 2016 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. The scampers are so pretty! I mean, uh, ruggedly handsome. I hadn’t noticed Thadd’s eye surrounded with brown fur. And the coloring on Charlie’s face is so marvelously blended. Yogurt and fruit–yum. The gazebo sounds better and better a place for drinks and conversation. I’m glad (and relieved) your mom has been in touch. I’m happy to hear your father is doing so well. Lists? I write small ones each day in my journal. The file stays open all day, so I can return to the list. If I’m going somewhere or simply running errands, I’ll often write a small list for that trip and place the paper with the list in a pocket. These aren’t efficient measures, as I often forget I have a list anywhere. So in the next day’s journal entry I might write the list again. Sigh.

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    • Thank you! from The Scampers. We were quite pleased with the puppies appearance after the grooming. I’m sure they are much more comfortable. They’ve been quite lively. It will be interesting to see how fast the sable grows back and its effect in Charlie’s coat.

      I had mixed fruit in plain yogurt for breakfast, this morning, and it was lovely. The Scampers shared a couple banana slices, and each got a dab of yogurt to go with the banana. We spent an hour or so outside, where I read and they wandered through the back yard while I put in my three miles on the exercise bike; I must find a way to start with knee bends, again. (Earlier, they played tag, racing through the backyard shrubs and through the house to circle my rocking chair in the living room, then back outside to repeat the circuit. πŸ˜€

      The lists are a problem, aren’t they? Consistency. Like putting billfold, keys and cell phone in the same place every time. ::sigh:: Dropbox is pretty universal. Perhaps text files there…and appropriate apps on the phone, tablets and computers. The trick is, though, as you mention, remembering that there was a list to look at. πŸ™‚ Best wishes for your week!

      Holding you in the Light!


  2. Aw, precious fur babies! Wow, 100 years! Best wishes to your folks.. I use Evernote for my lists, it’s an app on my smartphone. Got my hubs using it and it’s helped him a great deal when needing details on things while out and about.

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    • Thanks! Communication with the parents (and other family members) is not so frequent or in depth as it might have been in earlier years. Changing times! I will check out Evernote. Thank you for the suggestion! I use a number of devices and computers, depending on where I am at the time; it is easier to have various devices rather than to haul one around with me. I think that having that app (or a similar one) would be handy for my husband also.

      Best wishes for your week!


  3. Hi Lizl and thanks for the late night herbal tea. The scampers are gorgeous.What breed are they? We have a border collie and a border collie x Cavalier and I thought they might have some Cavalier.
    I spent the afternoon watching my daughter’s casual mid-year concert. Sh eis 10 and starting to get up into the more demanding grades and we stayed on to watch the older dancers and it was truly a gift. I would love to be able to write about their moves and how they danced but I was just speechless. Awestruck. Don’t know how they do it!
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


    • You’re welcome! The Scampers are American Cocker Spaniels. They’re a bit more than seven months old, now, and changing rapidly in terms of responsibility and behaviors. We’ve always had Cockers. Usually two, but the ages had been staggered until now. Exhausting, sometimes!

      When I was in grade school, I had a year of dance lessons and quite enjoyed it. (Also took a ballroom dancing class as an adult.) I’m glad that your daughter has the opportunity to study music/dance. Activities that continue to enrich life throughout our lifetimes. πŸ˜€

      Best wishes for your week also!


  4. Sweet puppies! They look so cute!

    Glad to hear that you got to have a good conversation with your mom, and I do hope that you’ll hear from her again soon.


  5. Love the dogs. Have you tried getting a new printer to print out your pictures? I have a Canon printer and the pictures print beautifully on it. Also, I put my grocery list on the kitchen counter under a Daily calendar. That way everyone can add something to the list but you can’t see the list laying on the counter.

    Hope you’re enjoying your retirement. It sounds like you are.

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