Early morning

I awoke at a little after six o’clock, this morning and have been enjoying time for thinking, reading local news, and relaxing before the puppies wake on their own. Coffee will come later when I dare to make some noise.

We enjoyed marvelous rains, yesterday and last night. What fun! Thunder and lightning, winds and flooded streets in the southern end of town.

Yesterday’s sky started out to be thick with clouds, obscuring the sun, and quite hot. Last night, between thunderstorms, there was a nice, cool breeze. While the Scampers didn’t care for going out into the storms, they are not afraid of the thunderclaps, even when the house vibrates with the noise. We’re quite pleased with how comfortable they are with the loud noises.

I’ve been getting on the exercise bike quite regularly, although not every day, with 1.5 to 3.0 miles a day, depending on my muscle strength. Piano is waiting until I quit having muscle spasms. I would have thought that was from low oxygen levels, but yesterday’s SpO2 reading was 97% with pulse rate below 80 bpm.

On Monday we got a watermelon from the grocery, and Al and I and the Scampers ate half of it, yesterday. The rest of it fit into the refrigerator, and so today we will have it cold. For that I would have hoped the temperature would be higher, outside, but the forecast says 79 (F).

Tomorrow I go in for my first eye examination in years. It will be good to have eyeglasses, again. Al’s thinking cataract surgery.

And now it’s late enough that I should get up and do stuff. The last load of laundry, yesterday, is still sitting in the dryer…in a dry basement! And I’d like to get the coffee on before I feed the Scampers.

Best wishes for your day!



2 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. How marvelous to have experienced the storm! I find rainstorms such fun to listen to. It’s great to know that the puppies don’t mind thunder. I guess I wouldn’t want to go outside in the rain, either. Oh, well. You found a wonderful pocket of time in which to write. Enjoy coffee! Enjoy the day!


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