Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, August 7

Seafood salad for breakfast
Green Salad with Seafood, sour cream cucumber & onion salad on the side

Welcome! If we were having coffee together, this weekend, it would be at the tail end of my Sunday, out in the back yard. My husband is getting organized for a “ham radio” outing, and I’ve been recruited for various fetching/assisting duties including getting old co-ax cables stretched out for recoiling and running radial wires around the yard and through the front fence. He will be putting up a new antenna, where they’re going, and needed to get it adjusted properly for each wavelength.

This evening, I have Coca-Cola, cranberry juice and ice water to offer, in addition to iced Toddy coffee and hot tea. Also, there’s still green salad to share and sour cream cucumber-and-onion salad. Nice, crisp munchies! The cucumbers (I still have three in the refrigerator) are courtesy of our neighbor across the back fence to the south.

Last night Al also brought home, in addition to cucumbers, four ears of corn only an hour away from having been picked in the field. He ran into a friend, when he went out for coffee, who happened to have some along with him. Al went out for butter while I got the water boiling and the corn husked and into the kettle. A wonderful supper, along with the ham. (I was so full, I put my salad back into the refrigerator and had it for breakfast, this morning.)

If we were getting together this evening, we would be interrupted by having to drag the puppies out of the lawnmower leavings (yes, eating the grass clippings), licking the co-ax, and wandering through the gardening shed to see what’s available for chewing.

As my husband gets ready for his ham radio excursion, I am putting together a list of groceries that the puppies and I will need while he’s away.  I do hope that my eyeglasses will be ready early in the week; I look forward to finding out if they are an improvement.

I would share with you that my week has been up-and-down as the allergic reactions are coming more often, although not as uncomfortable as in previous years. As a precaution, while he was running errands this afternoon, Al bought a bottle of the OTC antihistamines that I have used in years past.

Getting up early with the puppies, I was able to put in two miles on the exercise bike at the beginning of the day, and two more miles before lunch. The hot tea at mid-morning does help to clear  my head, but I do like to start out with iced Toddy coffee. In spite of not being able to get out several days to exercise, I still managed to put in close to thirty miles. Not bad! I also played piano for a long time, this afternoon, going through two sets of a dozen warm-up exercises several times to get my fingers used to moving rapidly, again. I may just get this thing to work. 😀

I also was able to get some fun pictures of The Scampers and some nice natural and altered pictures of the blue wild flax flowers, which mostly have gone to seed, now. In previous years I’ve gotten a second round of flax flowers before the hard frosts set in, late in October. The Scampers and I have had lots of fun playing ball, both in the living room and here in the back yard.

I am taking my naps, which are shorter as I get more sleep at night. I continue to avoid the television entirely and limit my reading of news online, which helps me to relax and sleep more soundly. There are too many things in the world about which I can do nothing (i.e., most of them), and sometimes I have problems carrying out the admonition to not worry about anything (I assume that refers to things over which I have no control and cannot affect), but instead pray about everything. [For 15+ years, I was a member of the Roman Catholic churches in the parishes where I lived, and I briefly explored the option of becoming a cloistered nun. I decided that I needed to be more extroverted to manage it. Quakerism, the path so many of my maternal grandparents and their ancestors have taken, suits me much better.]

Thank you for your visit. I look forward to seeing you again for Weekend Coffee.

Best wishes for your week!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Diana’s #WeekendCoffeeShare post and look for the InLinkz button for more shares.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share | Sunday, August 7

  1. The flowers in your photos are striking in beauty. The Scampers look as if they’re having fun. Hopefully, not too much mischief by them at your expense. I’m happy to hear about all your activity. The drinks you offer are refreshing, and the salads look and sound just right for summer. I’m delighted that sleep is better along with lack of worry. I was asked recently to take a survey at belief.net, which concluded I am a “racial Quaker.” Can those two words be side by side?

    I hope this week is going splendidly for you. Woof to the puppies!


    • I haven’t heard of such a thing as “racial” Quaker. Unless it would refer to multi-racial Quakers … or maybe Quakers who did not at first oppose slavery. Maybe radical Quaker? As in Liberal Quaker. I’ve been under the impression that Liberal Quakerism is generally associated with unprogrammed meetings. Two attenders of our local meeting (which was laid down about the beginning of 2010) practiced Buddhist meditation and also, I believe, went to services at the UCC church. As with a number of facets of my life, I would have a problem filing myself under a specific label; I am certainly Christocentric and not into protestant-type church services. I rely on the leading of the Spirit/Light rather than a creed or scripture.

      I’m glad you enjoy my flower art. I have a lot of fun with that, still.

      The Scampers are full of mischief. This evening, when I fell asleep in my chair for a few hours, they ate half a roll of paper towels. ::sigh:: They’re now curled up after “puppy time”, waiting to go outside and then get their bedtime snack (dried beef liver). They are learning slowly. There’s a lot to learn, given the diversity of objects and activities in the house.

      Al’s going off on his own with the ham radio fellows, later in the week, and I am looking forward to some unstructured time. And possibly some baking. And I’ve sliced onion in the fridge and beef liver in the freezer. A favorite indulgence.

      I do hope that your week goes well, also.


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