August 14 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

Welcome! Today’s beverage is Toddy coffee, hot or cold and made with water or whole milk. Or just the milk or the water. Time is short, but I can take a break.

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would ask you to forgive the mess. We’ll go out to the gazebo. The puppies are still excited from my husband’s arrival home after a long (4-day) weekend of camping. As soon as he’s caught up on unpacking (and a nap), we must go out to find some groceries. He and some ham radio buddies take off a long weekend or a week sometime every summer to spend time together and try out their radio equipment. Sort of an extended ARRL field day just for them. Some people go fishing, but not these guys.

I would not complain about being left alone with the puppies. My extended weekend left me alone to see to the puppies, the cooking, laundry, cleaning and weeding. However, I did enjoyed the relatively unstructured time for napping, piano playing and staying up reading late at night.

Also, I would share with you the news that a number of people among my circle of Internet friends or spouses of friends have died during the week. Also, here in town, the father of one of my nephews; because of my husband’s camping trip with the commitment to pick up one of the attenders at the airport, we did not make it to the private funeral on Thursday. I was sorry to miss the service.

I would tell you that while I am sorry to have missed days of exercise, although I did play the piano, I am doing well with the hot, humid weather as a result. That is, I am breathing comfortably and sleeping through the night. Nothing hurts! I did, however, let the SFPA folks know that I will not be helping to run the online Halloween poetry reading, this year.

Too many things are happening between now and then, with the potential for everything to fall apart, and as I did not deal well with the stress of the reading last year, I thought it best to pass the responsibilities on to others who might be interested. If nobody steps up to help? So be it. It’s not something that must go on forever.

My new glasses are of much help, both for distance and for playing the piano. And I can now read the ingredients from the product labels in the grocery store.

When The Scampers and I went out first thing this morning, the sunlight had not yet hit the wildflower patch, and I took a lot of photographs, more on each trip out. There was one surprise, though, when Charlie reacted to a bird that had gotten caught up in the dead branches of the tree across the back fence (which tree is to be taken down during the coming week). I managed to get several photos of it. I believe it’s the peregrine falcon that’s been hunting this neighborhood during the past week. The falcon got straightened around and soon flew off, again. I enjoy seeing them fly and wonder if (I haven’t kept track) if it’s the offspring of one of the falcons I’ve seen hatched and grown up here in town. There’s a nesting box and web cam near the top of one of the bank buildings in the south end of the downtown business district.
Oops! Must go, now! I hope you have a week of quiet marvels and satisfying activities and interactions.



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