Evidence / #WeekendCoffeeShare

cups, utensils, flatware and such in the drying rack

If there is no photograph as evidence, is the dish-washing really caught up, for once?

If we were having coffee together, this Sunday afternoon, I first would have to confess that I started this post in the evening on Friday. But the dish-washing still is caught up, and I  have hot-brewed and Toddy coffee to offer, as well as hot tea and cold cranberry juice. Special treats for this Sunday are cantaloupe slices, blueberries and several cheeses.

Aside from the thunderstorms, rain and assorted power outages, this has been a quiet week for me. I have practiced piano at least every other day, put in more than 15 miles on the exercise bike, and gotten out to the wildflower garden for photographs: wild flax, orchard morning glories, and several kinds with little white flowers that I have not yet tracked down. The wild flax are still my favorites, and even though I am no longer in the on-line notecard/prints business, I still enjoy taking and working with the photographs. The blues of that particular flower offer a lot of variety for manipulating shades, colors and textures.

If we were having coffee together, you would see my two puppies curled up on the sofa across the room and on the floor just in front of it. I have hopes for their taking the next step in their maturity. They are becoming more responsive to “No” and “Back it up” and “Don’t even think about it!” They come in cheerfully when called, summoned either with a sharp whistle or “Scampers, come!” On the days when I have not been able to spend time out-of-doors, I have taken a lot of photographs of the Scampers.

two puppies lying, one on top of the other, on one cushion of a love seat, the other cushion missing

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2 thoughts on “Evidence / #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Cranberry juice and fruits and cheese sound lovely. Though I had two cups of coffee today, this morning and this afternoon, when usually it’s just the morning cup. I like to think the hot caffeine helps my sinuses and breathing issues. And I simply like the coffee. I’m glad you’re caught up on the dishes. I’m not. I’m also glad you continue crafting with photographs, since yours are wonderful. There are two dogs in that photo of the Scampers? Looks like one fleecy pile of sleepy dog. I hope you have a very pleasant week!

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  2. Oh, yes, there are two puppies sleeping in that pile. I’d had to remove one of the cushions to wash its cover, and The Scampers shared the remaining cushion for their nap! The week will be . . . interesting. Al’s first cataract surgery got rescheduled from the 8th to the 1st of September. One hopes that will go well. The surgery on the other eye, then, will be performed on the 8th. I think one of the factors with the coffee is breathing in the steam. Also, caffeine constricts the blood vessels, reducing swelling, or so I’ve heard.

    Best wishes also for your week!


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