blue wild flax flower, altered colors, textures

One down, one to go

Al’s eye surgery was moved up a week, and so his first cataract surgery was performed this morning. The other will be on the eighth. He’s got a plastic shield over his right eye that he is not to have off until the doctor removes it tomorrow morning.

This week, so far, the piano playing has been sporadic, but I’ve gotten in a fair number of miles on the exercise bike, since the weather has not been quite so hot. I look forward to the weekend and the new week, with its rain and promise of cool weather and cleaner air.

The puppies and I have gotten up early on several days, and so I’ve gotten photographs of the blue wild flax flowers, scant as they now are, before the sun and shadows intrude. That leaves the colors within easier to work with for the photo art. I have discovered why the edges of some of my flowers have been so ragged. There are multitudes of tiny grasshoppers throughout the grass, and so The Scampers have been hunting both those and the crickets.

The mosquitoes have been plentiful, and so I have pretty much limited my “outside” time to the gazebo with the floor fan at my back, maintaining a strong breeze flowing through the open door. Seems that the mosquitoes are too lazy to fly upstream.

I have been adding more (but still not a lot of) tension to the resistance of the exercise bike. At the beginning, more tension for 0.2 miles, and then lighter for the next 0.3., alternating for each half mile. On Wednesday, five miles, but today only two.

There were several fun incidents with The Scampers, today. The first came when my towel disappeared from the bathroom, this morning. I went hunting it with the camera.

The second has to do with a CD (Play Fiddle Play) that I received from a poet/musician (John Reinhart) that I began supporting at Patreon, this month. Rather carried away by “Boil the Cabbage”, I danced a little jig in the living room. Charlie and Thaddeus jumped up onto the love seat and danced with me, bouncing off me to keep their balance (which they did not always manage). I was out of breath by the end of the song, but the three of us had a lot of fun! No picture of that, though.

Puppy time! Must flee!

Best wishes for your weekend,





2 thoughts on “One down, one to go

  1. I hope that Al’s surgery time is going well and, more so, that the results are just right. Vicariously, I’m enjoying your breaks in the weather. The weather has improved here only a tiny bit and not for keeps. The image of the flax is stunning. I’m happy to read about the dance with the Scampers! That the dancing happened spontaneously is only the first great thing to appreciate. I’ve been teaching over the summer and finished the term this past week. Now I hear the school where I’ve been teaching might close. Sigh. Today I’m enjoying a post-term catharsis. I hope you have a splendid week!

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    • Our weekend is going splendidly, so far. The temperatures have been moderate, and I woke up to misty rain. The Scampers spent a lot of energy running around the yard at top speed, and then collapsed on the love seat for a long nap. We are spending most of the weekend oversleeping, which is quite nice. There were only a handful of flowers in the garden, yesterday and today. Only the flax are still blooming. Just let the Scampers outside, again, and have found that the winds have died down. I’m going to try again for photographs of the flowers as opposed to photos of where the flowers were.

      So sorry to hear that the school might not remain open. It has been a good place for you? Job hunting is such a mess! (I am so happy to have retired and am no longer writing résumés…or editing dissertations and other academic papers.) Catharsis is good! 😀 Best wishes for your week, also!

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