Sunday Morning’s #WeekendCoffeeShare

If We Were Having Coffee this morning, we would be drinking cold Toddy coffee straight from the refrigerator. Once the Scampers wake up, opportunities for writing will be lost, and I would like to have some down time, here, in pleasant company. It’s been a rough week, here.

If we were having coffee together this morning, I would share the good news that my husband’s two cataract surgeries are over and the results are quite perfect. He goes back for a check-up by the surgeon in three weeks and testing for reading glasses; Al had to choose between distance and close for the surgery, and he decided that reading glasses would be the most practical.

On Tuesday, the evening before Al’s second surgery, an ambulance was called for my mother due to her being in considerable pain. I don’t believe the cause was sorted out, but it might have been from a fall in her home that she did not want reported. Since I have medical power of attorney, I had to okay by telephone her transportation to the hospital emergency room, 25 miles away, in the town where my husband and I live. She is not pleased at my doing so.

The sibling next to me in age has some considerable experience with finances, insurance and interfacing with people to make things happen. I am quite in awe of his abilities. He, along with a younger brother and his wife, who live in the same town as my parents, are handling the specifics of Hospice and non-nursing home care services to be put in place when there is a release date from the hospital, which is pending until those services are in place and ready to be activated.

If we were having coffee together, I would confide that I am sad to learn that my mother’s overall state of health has diminished markedly since the last time we visited together by telephone, not all that long ago. Perhaps three or four weeks. As I may have mentioned, the folks seldom answer the telephone, and Mother had quit using her computer due to macular degeneration (ARMD), earlier this year. The folks each have hearing loss to some degree, which also is worsening. Myself, I’ve relied on lip reading to supplement my hearing for a decade or more; I’ve suspected that distortion/muffling is because of swelling in my ears due both to allergies and fragrances/air pollution. 

I would share with you that I continue to use my parents’ transition and progression into old age as a guide to changes that we must make. My husband and I have reaffirmed to each other our decisions to not allow interventions at end of life (i.e., breathing or feeding tubes, IV hydration, CPR, &c.) and to continue in our home as long as we have a say in it. I also have trouble with pain medications, and so I’ve told Al that I don’t want any until I’m certain that I’ve said everything I want to say. 😀

The divesting process continues as I discard more physical books and add back in paper editions of books that I will still want to reread if my digital library vanishes (it’s mostly Nook, and few companies last forever). And Al has always wanted a separate building for his workshop; I told him to go ahead and build it now, there being no guarantee that we will need the money in our later years. He loves carpentry and woodworking, and that will bring him pleasure…as my photography, writing, exercise and piano playing bring me.

I seem to have written overlong, here. The puppies have been outed, fed, outed for a long period, and are now napping in their kennels due to their dragging each other around, in turn, by an ear.

Thank you for joining me for coffee, this morning. I look forward to visiting again next weekend.

Best wishes for your week!


my parents
Thanskgiving Day 2008 — My Parents

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One thought on “Sunday Morning’s #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Thank you for sharing coffee, events, and observations. Cool coffee sounds just right. All I have is hot coffee, which I drink even in the heat wave we’ve had since June. Today the air is cooler, which we might have into tomorrow. Fall is on the way, I hear. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s injuries and troubles. These can’t be easy for anyone to deal with. I’m happy and impressed to hear about those in the family who can handle all the procedural things. That’s a gift and a comfort. The Scampers must be as delightful as they are trying–well, more so delightful, I’m sure. Dragging around each other by each other’s ear? Sounds like class puppy life.

    That the cataract surgery has been so successful is a happiness and relief to hear. Speaking of hearing, I think I have tinnitus for the reasons you have hearing challenges. We do our best to keep going.

    Have a pleasant, promising week!


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