Still missing her

It seems that this post might belong on Stray Coffee Breaks, also. Up and awake again, and writing, in the middle of the night. I fell asleep in my recliner before 11 o’clock, Thursday evening, light still on and the computer in my lap.

The Moments Between

In the gazebo together, my cocker spanielSamantha – 2016-02-05
3 April 2008-18 February 2016

The milestones in life, birth, adoption, birthdays, illnesses and death. My mother’s move from hospital into a nursing home under hospice care on Tuesday, and I find myself returning to the sorrow and leavetaking from my puppy Samantha in February. I have photographs of her in my lap at the veterinary hospital when we brought her in and decided to have her euthanized.

Warm, here in my lap
I held her tight,
letting go forever . . .
so hard

Mother and I were quite close before I left for college, and then starting again perhaps ten years after my graduation. Restaurants, plays, lectures, faculty recitals, orchestra concerts, telephone visits once they were no longer metered. After I married, she and I spent much less time together, which was inevitable. Now, over the past five years or so, as her eyesight failed…

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5 thoughts on “Still missing her

  1. As a narrative, your writing is effective. As your experience, this becomes more precious. You write so poignantly about the delicate and indelible nature of moments and then our remembrance of them. My friend of nineteen years, my cat Hannah, I relented to have put down nearly three ago. I still see her. I still miss her.

    Yes, thank you for placing this sharing here. It resonates. I hope you and Al and the Scampers are very well.

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    • Our animal companions are sometimes our refuge from isolation, I think, when there are no strong bonds of family or friendship. We owe them an easy death when possible. Al and I have said good-bye to five. They are a tangible consolation. So sorry for your loss. Thanks for your note.


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