Sunday, Sept. 25 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would have to reheat this morning’s coffee. I have slept through most of the day. The stresses and activities of the past week set me up for an unscheduled day of inactivity.

The Scampers were not cheerful, this morning, about spending a few more hours in their kennels. I did not kennel them this afternoon, when I came back to bed; they finally have quit making noises (such as screaming that the roof is falling in or there are people knocking at the front door or…), and now they are quiet, and I cannot get back to sleep.

Ah! And then it was time for them to eat their suppers, and so I am up, again, and feeling more rested.

There were no wild flax flowers to photograph, today. There’ve been rains and winds and work crews, and the now former wildflower garden is a mess. The cotoneaster leaves are turning color, and the fruit is ripening or already ripe.

I would tell you that Al came home while I was practicing a favorite waltz from one of my early piano lesson books, last evening, and asked me to continue playing, that the music was beautiful. So nice! It was always one of my favorites, and I almost am able to get through all of the variations without my fingers stumbling. I know that I should do the warm-up exercises first, but yesterday I set about playing the pieces that I love, and left the exercises to another day. 

Today’s coffee share must be cut short. Al is home from working his volunteer shift and would like me to come with him on a grocery run and help pick out the foods for the coming week.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our family meeting at the nursing home is scheduled for Tuesday. I hope that my breathing has improved by then, so that I can attend in person, but if not, the telephone will work for me.

This week, also, Al and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary with a steak dinner and reminiscences. We got married in our mid-forties. There was surprise in both of our families, who’d adjusted long since to the idea that we would remain single the rest of our lives. Now, I cannot imagine life without him.

Best wishes for the coming week!


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4 thoughts on “Sunday, Sept. 25 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I hope your week ultimately goes well with all the work of building and moving things. The photographs are gorgeous. Subtle colors of the plants blend beautifully. I hope Tuesday is as satisfying as possible with the family meeting and all. I admire the choices that you make, as things happen. I have bureaucratic work to do this week, renewing my license and car inspection. And I will keep applying for new work, since the school where I taught was closed a couple of weeks ago.

    A week of happiness to you and yours!


    • Since I’ve never had a license to renew or experienced a car inspection, I wonder what it would be like. I did get my “non-driver” ID card renewed not too long ago. I’m sorry to hear that the school was closed. I will be holding you in the light as you continue to apply for new work.

      Happy that you like the photographs! The colors of the cotoneaster tree’s leaves and fruit are glorious. I take a lot of photos of them. And thank you for your good wishes for the week and for Tuesday’s meeting. A new experience, the meeting. I remind myself to not talk too much, but to listen closely.

      As I go into these new experiences as my parents age and I find myself in these new and unfamiliar situations, I remind myself not to go into them with predetermined goals or expectations, but instead to enter with confidence to learn what God has in store, to learn if there are things that I can do to facilitate good, and to step back where other people can deal more effectively than I can in directing things. Often I have taken over and managed things, but that quite often is not the best. Not in an area in which other people have more experience. I look forward to listening and learning and doing what I am led to do.

      Best wishes to you and yours, too, in your endeavors!


    • Thank you, Pamela! I did indeed play piano a lot from childhood until the early 2000s. I am having to relearn after some health problems. Coordination has indeed disappeared. Coming back, though, if slowly.

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