puppy just come into the living room with wed, muddy paws and ears

What We Remember | #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I can offer Toddy coffee, cranberry juice, and Irish Breakfast tea (Twinings). Still some gluten-free chocolate muffins. After a hectic week. I feel like my head is empty! Tea is always good for that.

From a week ago Thursday until two days ago, my exercise bike (and gazebo) were on the wrong side of the temporary fence that divided our back yard. I may have mentioned when you were last here that the work crew had arrived, done the prep work, and then poured the concrete slab upon which Al plans to build a workshop, next spring. This involved driving over most of my wildflower garden with a backhoe. I would tell you that if my husband didn’t want this workshop so much (and myself encouraging him along the way to “go for it!”), I think that I would be upset with the mess. I have pedaled four miles, so far, on the stationary bike and hope to fit in another session before the day ends.

While they did not pull out the old satellite dish base, which stood in the middle of the 8’x8′ garden, the Bobcat driver who came this Friday to finish moving dirt to surround the slab, also maneuvered around the gazebo to take the sod off the 4’x12′ strip where the new garden will go. I should have had faith and ordered wildflower seeds. I believe that I should order small seed packets, this time, and concentrate on annuals that will crowd out the weeds when they come up on the spring. And see if I can find iris roots and some tulip bulbs to save.

After his volunteer shift, and possibly an additional two hours, since the Desk volunteer slot for 4 to 6 o’clock had not yet been bespoken when he left here at one, he is picking up more peat moss, and then breaking up more clods for garden top soil.

I would share my shopping adventures with you, before you go. My s-i-l and I were tasked by the nursing center’s care coordinator with locating some items of clothing for my mother, who is currently there under Hospice care. She does not wear some of the clothes on the “must have” list. Father has selected some of the significant sweatshirts that she/they bought during their travels across the United States. Also, no shawls. (She wears fancy sweatshirts.) So I hit the Macy’s sale and got her (what looks to me like) a pashmina in royal blue and also a full shawl with fringe made up from light, black cloth, rather than being knit.

I’ve left a message to make arrangements for picking up, laundering (by hand in cold water, dry flat) the items that cannot/should not be washed in hot and triple rinsed.

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would not press upon you the poetry of mourning that I’ve produced for each of my poetry-writing prompts, this week. I am currently reading Mother’s Selective Memories, stories beginning with her childhood and continuing selectively through to 2007, when she finished writing the book. She handled it all herself for this third book, including making the PDF and creating and printing the CD covers. She accomplished so much, but was never again, after marriage, in a position to pursue her dreams. Which she never let go of.

Throughout our conversation, yesterday afternoon, Mother persistently asked me why it was so important to the staff that they convince her that I am her daughter, when I so obviously cannot be.

Thaddeus - Concerned (2016-10-02)

I am going to have to end this, for the time being. When I begin to cry, my Thaddeus jumps into my lap to cuddle. I’m going to have to find a drop cloth. He has really muddy feet! I’m certain that both puppies and crying are therapeutic.

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Best wishes for the coming week!


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8 thoughts on “What We Remember | #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. My best friend just had a similar experience with her grandmother. She immediately went to her car and cried and cried. I can’t imagine. Thank goodness for the love and care your puppy is showing you. He is absolutely adorable.

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    • Oh, thanks! Al’s mother went through a quick decline in 2012 at age 93, moving from independent living directly to hospice care under the roof of the same elder care facility. It does not become easier, I think. Only that the course of events is familiar, although new with each person. We rely on our dogs as we would familiar friends. They help to anchor us. These new puppies, who came home with us at the beginning of March, are lively and distracting, which is good!

      I appreciate your response. 😀

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  2. This afternoon I had coffee and dry toast, which is what I usually have for breakfast (but all I had this morning was coffee). I got a spread that has butter and cinnamon in it and occasionally have like that on the toast. I’m struggling with the sudden loss of my job, even though it was part-time, and allergy problems persisting even though it’s fall (when, admittedly, the allergy issues sometimes only differ in origin). We still have the heat of summer. What I’m not dealing with is the life of another. And that being a life in my family. I can relate to how it is because both of my parents are gone. But each relationship is unique, as are the challenges. I’m sorry for the difficulty in what you’re doing and you’re facing. I’m glad Thaddeus is a comfort, dirty wet paws and all.

    I hope good things occur for you this week.


    • You’re right that relationships can be challenging, even the best of them, at times, and especially in the family. My own family members are not close. Mine, never, except in crises (and not always every family member, even then), and Al’s have drifted away, now that both of his parents have died. Not dealing is an option.

      I am grateful for Thaddeus’s solace. And Charlie’s. And Al’s understanding presence and love.

      Losing the job, coping with the allergies, problems within the family, changes. A lot of stress. You remain in my prayer and thoughts. Hoping for good things in your life, also.


  3. I wonder what toddy coffee is? With a touch of booze? I relate to the family being estranged in a difficult time. I will not share with you how weird mine were for hospice time, but know that you are not alone in this problem.


    • I have been using Todd Simpson’s “Toddy Coffee” brewer for decades. Lovely coffee concentrate that leaves a chocolate aftertaste when I make it with our favorite brand of ground coffee. I tend to make it with cream, half & half, or hot milk. Very pleasant for “hot milk” at night before I go to bed, as well as in the mornings.

      “Inspired during a visit to Central America, the late Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell University and an entrepreneur, returns to Houston where he develops and patents the Toddy Cold Brew Process for home use. By allowing time to replace heat, the Toddy’s deceptively simple cold water process extracts the delicious flavors of coffee yet leaves behind many of the bitter acids and oils—creating a concentrated fresh brewed coffee—a smooth, almost sweet tasting liquid that mixes with water, dairy, soymilk, and other flavoring ingredients.” (coffeejuice.com/p/evolution.html).


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