Saturday Afternoon, 8 October, #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were getting together for tea, this afternoon, I would tell you that week has toddled along quite well, everything considered. Al is working an extra volunteer shift, and so I have not put on another cup of coffee. There are pitchers of cranberry juice, cream, coffee concentrate and orange juice. Feel free to help yourself. Cups are on the counter cup tree. Good points include the following.

  • I decided to go to a movie—in a movie theater! by myself! And on the second day, we got the schedule to work, and so I saw Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I enjoyed the movie very much.
  • My brother (second in birth order) has taken off with his wife on a vacation; he needs a break.
  • My husband did not need an emergency dentist appointment after all.
  • My puppy (Thadd) has eaten many fewer washcloths and towels, this week, and has not nibbled on any more of the quilts.
  • I bought a mesh laundry bag for my mother’s closet at the nursing home and sent it along with my sister-in-law, who was taking some other stuff there and was kind enough to stop and pick up my contribution (laundered shawl and the mesh bag).

If we were sharing our afternoon break together, I would tell you that I am feeling more comfortable about the nursing home/hospice arrangement for Mother. I bear in mind that I can adapt, and that my mother is adapting. It is somewhat unnerving, however, in the midst of conversation to be asked by Mother if her basement sitting room has been remodeled. Because the facility’s dining room does not look familiar to her. I am reminded that she is still safe, still visited by people who love her and by people who care for her, even though she does not always recognize us. Sometimes she thinks one or the other of us is somebody from the past, whom she may or may not have liked. Nothing personal.

I would share pictures with you of this morning’s puppy antics on the love seat in the front room from the vantage point of my rocking chair by the bookshelves. They’re napping, now. And will wake up wanting to eat, just about the time that my husband arrives home to take me out for a quick shopping trip. (Our refrigerator, but not freezer, was open a crack overnight, one night this week, and some food needs replacing.)

As a special treat, we went out last night to the Cajun Café and brought home boiled veggies, mushrooms, and popcorn shrimp. Another treat for me was fixing grits for breakfast, yesterday, which I ate hot with cream and fresh (from the grocery) blackberries.  Stressful times call for comfort foods. What do your comfort foods include?

Thank you for the get-together, this weekend. I have enjoyed our visit.


P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog to read her weekend post and browse the links (behind the Link button) for URLs of other folks’ Weekend Coffee Shares.



8 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon, 8 October, #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I’m happy to hear of the good things that happened this week. The photographs of the flowers–well, you capture their glory. The puppies look happily playful with each other. My cat was a loner, would never accept a playmate. You all are smarter.

    Here, it might be turning to fall at last.

    I hope you have a splendid new week.

    Grilled cheese is comforting to have. Sometimes with variations (tomatoes, special mustard).


    • I had forgotten the grilled cheese sandwiches with the hot tomatoes. Perhaps because I seldom buy the gluten-free bread that’s textured like wheat bread. Mustard had not occurred to me. 😀 I will make a note to myself to buy fixings.

      The ground was covered by frost, when I went outside barefoot with the Scampers, this morning. Lots of trees in the neighborhood lost most of their leaves in the high winds earlier in the week, while others’ leaves have not yet turned color.

      Wishing you a joyful week and an abundance of goals moving forward

      Lived at home in a house full of cats. They have such . . . individual personalities.


  2. Mmmmm, yes, grilled cheese and tomato soup! I can’t wait to read Miss Peregrine, I ordered the book recently. Wishing you all the best as you care for your mom.. ❤

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