What Time Is It? | #WeekendCoffeeShare

I enjoy having an extra hour in the day, but I wonder how to heat some coffee without wakening the Scampers and losing the peace and quiet of the hour.

If we were getting together for coffee, this morning, we would have to talk softly…or take extra quilts out to the gazebo to supplement the warmth of the space heater. Since Al and I have gathered and tossed so much junk (So many trips to the landfill to unload the unwanted!), there is room to move without tripping over things. I do wonder, now, whether I also should discard my many-years-old, $5 exercise bike, or save it for Spring Clean-Up week at the beginning of May. Recognizing that I will not be riding over city bike trails in the near future, the bicycles are now stored out of the way in the gardening shed.

I would tell you of the attempt at balance between the two of us. Al decided to build a workshop, and I…I decided that I needed an elliptical exercise machine. They were on sale at the right size and weight for under $200 at a local outlet, and so I now have one taking up an acceptable amount of space in my living room just next to the piano, which, if you’ll remember, I decided not to give away after all, last spring. Thaddeus ate a rubber bolt cover, and now the rest of them are living in a cup in the kitchen until the Scampers both outgrow their appetites for the inedible.

A lot of changes have taken place over the past several weeks. Mother is experiencing much more anxiety since learning that Father has opted to move to assisted living for the winter. I would tell you of my indecision over whether to share with Mother the news that I received from a cousin that the last of her siblings died on the 26th of last month, under the care of hospice, at age 98. I have updated Mother’s obituary to include the deaths in her family since 2012 and will send the revised copy to the funeral home where Father has his on file. Mother’s sisters settled in their home state of Iowa, and I don’t think our families got together after I was in elementary school (oldest of 9 children, me).

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I would tell you that the seeds in my new garden space, taking advantage of a continued warm autumn, have decided to germinate. It’s a good thing that I bought far too many seeds for my 50-square-foot wildflower garden, because I will have to put down more seed, once the temperature drops and stays there until spring.

I have brought out some more of my photocopied sheet music and am attempting, after faithfully completing my finger exercises, to relearn a favorite piece by C.P.E. Bach (Solfeggietto in C minor) that I don’t think I’ve played in decades.

The dishes have been washed by end of day for most of the week. For a change. The laundry is caught up. I have been waking up in the middle of the night for extended periods, but I am getting to bed early and taking naps when I should, and so I am feeling more rested.

Following the upsets of the week, I would tell you, we have gone out to a restaurant for dinner two evenings in a row (which has helped reduce dish washing), and I have come home to exercise and play the piano with abandon rather than precision, mostly, and I am managing to maintain relatively stress free.  Also, I have a new acquaintance with a cousin and permission to remain in contact. I do enjoy writing and receiving letters.

I hope that your week has been successful! Best wishes for the new week!



P.S. Don’t forget to visit the blog of our Weekend Coffee Share host, Diana, at Part Time Monster Blog (where you also will find links to other participants).

Vitals (just to keep track): SPO2=95%, P=67 bpm, BP=120/75




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