The End of November: #WeekendCoffeeShare

Welcome! It’s a nice morning for hot coffee, here. The temperature is just above freezing. I’m enjoying some Toddy coffee (home-made coffee concentrate) in hot milk, this morning.

Sometime today we hope to get to the movie theater to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We don’t often go to movies, so it will be a nice treat. We have movie passes that we received at Christmas, last year, and it would be good to use them before they expire. I was intrigued by the trailer. Have you seen the movie?

If we were having coffee together, today, I would share with you some of the photographs that I have selected for my mother’s memorial gathering. I brought back four gigantic photo albums from the parents’ home. One begins with family photographs from Mother’s growing-up years and her marriage in Killduff, Jasper County, Iowa, during WW II, just before she enlisted in the Navy and was shipped overseas to Hawaii.

I would tell you about visiting with my father after stopping by the house to retrieve the photo albums. I am happy that he is surrounded by people he knows in a town he’s lived in for nearly 100 years. He says that he is not reacting, yet, to Mother’s death. I hope that at Mother’s gathering and at his birthday party the next day, where his remaining children, along with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, will be present, we can all have a good crying session together. Even though we rejoice, we still grieve.

Writing has been comforting to me. (New prose poem up at the quiltedpoetry blog). And Thaddeus has kept close during the evenings and while Al is not present.


I hope that you will visit Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog, where you will find a Linkup button and her own Weekend Coffee Share post.

Thank you for sharing coffee with me, this morning. It’s always good to visit, catch up on what’s happening as we get to know each other.

Best wishes for your week!



12 thoughts on “The End of November: #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. You are lucky to have access to older photos of your mother and be able to use them at her memorial celebration of life. And for your father live to such a grand age is a great achievement. Here’s hoping (even though it’s a sad event) your gathering is full of fun and happy memories for all who come to share the day

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  2. I’m very sorry to hear about your Mother and you are right – no matter how old or expected you still grieve. Hugs from Australia. Thaddeus probably senses your sadness and he looks like he is both giving and receiving a lot of loving. Thank you for coffee and I hope your memorial gathering brings out lots of lovely memories of your Mum for you and your father and the rest of your family to treasure into the future.


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