WeekendCoffeeShare – I am remiss…

If We were meeting, today, for a visit over coffee, I would mention that I am a bit surprised that I have not posted since last weekend. Nor have I kept up with household chores. We had a lot of activities to tend to, most of which I have forgotten.

I’d like to tell you about the week. My 70th birthday was this week. I felt ill on the day we had planned to go out, and so had to reschedule. We went to the Olive Garden on Thursday. They’re prepared to substitute gluten-free rotini for wheat pasta on any of their dishes (except, I would think, lasagna, etc.). Delicious! Steak medallions and pasta with herbs, spinach, tomatoes, and a nice, light sauce. I brought half of it home and enjoyed it again with lunch, the next day.

The week involved much traveling and running around to take care of chores. I was tasked with selecting photographs for the video the funeral home created for my mother’s obituary page on their website, so we dropped those off at the funeral home before Al’s dental appointment. (It’s now been posted and made available online.)

We also saw my father twice, this week. He had another box of photographs, and so we sat down to select some more photos of Mom, which we dropped off at the funeral home also, on our way out of town.

My brother who lives in the home town is at the house, now, and when we stopped by, he was busy selecting photographs for a video to be played during my father’s birthday party. I am hoping that I will be well enough to at least stop in for the activities surrounding the celebrations of Mother’s life and Dad’s 100th birthday. One thing I am concerned about, I must tell you, is that I’m concerned I won’t get all the dishes, etc., washed and the kitchen cleaned up before the various family members flying/driving into town start descending on us here, on their way to wherever they are staying for the long weekend.

I would share also with you my unnerving realization (yes, it’s finally hit home) that after my dad dies, I will be the oldest person in our family (i.e., siblings). There were banking chores that I was to see to in the wake of Mother’s death, once the necessary paperwork had arrived. I still have to meet with the pastor.  The military honor guard for the graveside service (brief, due to winter weather) for family only has been arranged for.

If we were having coffee together, I would have to excuse myself to take a nap, since I (finally) had a night of not being able to get to sleep.

I hope that you have a wonderful week!


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10 thoughts on “WeekendCoffeeShare – I am remiss…

  1. Happy belated birthday, and thank you for sharing that the Olive Garden serves gluten-free! I would also like to share my condolences about your mom. I have always found that being tasked with the photograph collecting is helpful because it sparks so many wonderful memories, and I also like finding older photographs from before my own time. I was tasked with pictures for my Grandmother’s funeral last year and it helped me with my grief, and some of those early photographs were she looked like a move star leaning against an old car were truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your moving post.


  2. A belated happy birthday! It sounds like there is a lot going on with your family, some of which I remember from last week’s post. I hope you have a great despite the sad side. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a life well lived!

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  3. Congratulations on your 70th birthday. The fact that I am the eldest of my generation that still around is a sobering fact. I found it hard to believe when I realized it. Glad you found GF restaurant for your birthday 🎂 dinner. Take it easy and let the younger members of your family I the work of the celebration on your Dad’s day. Just enjoy the day. Have a pleasant week.

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  4. Lizl, my condolences for the loss of your Mum. The loss of a parent really has no comparison no matter how old you are. All the paperwork and details are a chore too. On the upside, I find funerals offer the chance to catch up with a whole range of people you don’t usually see and all sorts of stories pop out of the woodwork and old photos so it’s a really special and strangely uplifting time too.
    Dishes can wait.
    Take care and best wishes,


  5. You have so much to do! Please take care of yourself first. If family arrives when there are dirty dishes, put them to work. You are only one person and not feeling well yourself so put them to work or have them bring paper plates!


  6. Belated birthday wishes for your birthday. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
    Have a great time with friends and relatives during the celebrations and take care of yourself! Cheers 🙂


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