Weekend Coffee Share 12-18-16 – Juggling Act

If we were enjoying a get-together for coffee, this weekend, it would be between my naps, because I feel somewhat exhausted. I do have coffee concentrate in the refrigerator and can heat some water for tea or instant cocoa.

I would remind you that last weekend included my mother’s memorial on Friday evening and my father’s 100th birthday party on Saturday morning. The siblings have been posting many of the photographs that they took to their Facebook accounts so that we can share.

I would tell you that the big event for me, this week, was my clinic appointment for a physical, for which I’d had to wait for months. At which time blood tests were taken and the results sent to my personal clinic account to download and review. I had expected that my cholesterol would be high, but I had not expected such a large number for the glucose level. That makes three out of the six of us siblings, now, with type-2 diabetes, and a third on a “watch list”. It’s odd that I didn’t know, except for my youngest brother, that any of the others had a problem with blood sugar levels. And one of my old friends from my last corporate IT job, with whom I do occasionally have a coffee get-together, has type-2 diabetes, which she’d never mentioned, but got it under control with diet and medication years ago, and now continuing just the diet, but monitoring her blood sugar levels daily.

One complication of this is that the DNP wants me to wait with my oral surgery until my glucose level is below 200, and I don’t think that’s going to happen before the cavity reaches the nerve. A problem because the only pain killer I can safely take is aspirin. The other is that I cut down on the amount of food I eat, even though recently, I have been losing weight (8 more lbs in the past 3 months). I have had three doses of prescribed medication, one each morning with breakfast, and I am feeling exhausted.

I went online to go through my test findings for my last two physicals (2012 and 2013) and found high readings in 2013. Leaves me wondering at what point this should have been brought to my attention; at that point, I was concerned about the anemia and didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the results.

This weekend, I am sorting through things and quite happy to be able to visit with you about them. One task ahead of me is organizing my eating. I did find a book of gluten-free recipes for diabetics, which looks like it will be some help. (I couldn’t get an appointment with the clinic’s diabetes dietitian until the middle of January.) We have no actual meal times in this household. Probably because we each were single and working a variety of shifts (evening or night, by preference). Faced with set meal times and proper distribution of food types and calories to plan (and stick to the plan).

Looking forward to Christmas, it looks as though there will not be any gatherings for us on the Christmas weekend. Scheduling problems has left Al’s siblings looking for alternative evenings before folks head off for the celebrations of significant others out of state. I do not know how involved my father will be with my brother Eric’s family in the home town. I must contact them to find out, so that Al and I can try at least to get together with my father sometime that weekend. (Al’s preference is to sleep in and ignore this family holiday completely. I’m pretty sure that I am not happy with that plan.)

I had better close this and tend to my puppies, who are not weathering my too-frequent naps. I hope that each of you enjoys your respective celebrations and are able to spend as much time with family and friends as you choose!


P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Part Time Monster Blog, our host Diana’s site, with her post and the linkup button.

PPS: The photograph is of me and one of my nephews at my father’s birthday party, last weekend. Such fun, getting together.



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