Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Day in the Rain

If we were having coffee together, today, it would undoubtedly be via telephone. Here in eastern North Dakota we are enjoying a rainstorm that promises to turn to sleet when the temperatures drop below freezing. There’s still coffee and hot water for tea. Also, milk and hot chocolate mix. Treats are sparse as I am trying to lose weight (diabetes diagnosis), and Al is joining in on the effort by limiting high-calorie food choices at the grocery store.

Our Christmas Eve gathering took place on Tuesday evening, and we were not able to visit my father, due both to uncertain weather forecasts and my not feeling well. My youngest brother made the trip, earlier in the week, and I enjoyed looking at the photographs that he took that day of Dad, the house, and old WWII pictures that I had not seen before now. I plan to download a few more.

my father, in uniform, getting a haircut
Father, Pacific Theatre, WWII

I would tell you that I am enjoying these three days off from activities. The kitchen sink holds no dirty dishes; i should take a picture to remind myself what that looks like. And the laundry’s done and things folded or otherwise put away in their designated spots.

Since we last visited, the Scampers have eaten only half a dozen towels/dishcloths. Fortunately, one of our grandnephews gifted us with dishcloths, Tuesday evening. And his grandmother and grandfather gave us an oven mitt and a pair of hot-pads.

There was a surprise when we got to this year’s house of holiday celebration. There was spaghetti and meat sauce, rather than the traditional turkey or ham. They’d fixed gluten-free pasta as well as wheat, so I could share in the lovely spaghetti sauce. Oh, my!

One nephew, with his son and SO, headed out for Florida via North Carolina ahead of the storm, and another, with his bride, arrived just after the first’s departure to spend the Christmas weekend with his parents.

I would confide that I am just as happy not to be with a group of people during this three-day weekend. We are enjoying the silence, the lack of activity, and “puppy time” with the Scampers. I already have deserted the puppies several times for extra naps. Not feeling so tense as I had earlier in the week.

Currently I am just finishing my week’s reread of Sharon Shinn’s novels with Fortune and Fate. Next, I think, I will go back to reading L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s science fiction novels, starting with The One-Eyed Man or Gravity Dreams.

Wishing you and yours a joyful winter (or summer) holiday season.


P.S. You will find our Weekend Coffee Share host at Part Time Monster with a holiday blog post and the linky to other participants in this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.


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