The Scampers, sleeping on the loveseat after eating breakfast

Morning has arrived too soon

We had a “computer night”, and so sleep was very late in arriving. I have two clinic appointments today, and so Al will drop me off at the clinic and pick me up later. He still has some work to do to get the new-to-him laptop set up the way he wants it with Windows 10.

Yesterday, in retrospect, went well. I spent 15 minutes in two sessions on the elliptical machine and got quite tired. I understand that is to be expected until my glucose level drops. Enjoyed playing the piano, yesterday evening, while Al was out for coffee. Warm-up exercises, scales and arpeggios only, but I enjoy the feeling of my fingers touching the keys. The Scampers didn’t start barking until the last five minutes.

Yesterday, there was lovely, fluffy snow. Today has started out bright and sunny, which is hard on my eyes. Must locate my eyeglasses. Does look like we’re in for more snow towards the weekend.

looking across the street into the falling snow
Wednesday’s Snowfall

newfallen snow on the stair railing



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