8 January 2017 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

After an unbelievably long stretch of sub-zero weather, the temperature is high enough that there’s once again snowfall. If we were having coffee together, this evening, I believe I might have to shovel the sidewalk and front steps.

If we were having a cup of coffee together, we would be sitting in the front room with two Cocker spaniels asleep on the floor between us. The last of the laundry is in the dryer. I have had two meals today, so far, and some cashews as a between-meal snack. (I am trying to stick to my diet, accommodating both diabetes and gluten sensitivity.) I will be so happy to meet with the dietitian, later this week, to discover her particular theories on what I am to be eating, when, and (hopefully) why. In the meanwhile I continue to lose weight. Which is, I expect, part of the game plan.The week was exhausting, but the weekend has been good.

On Friday evening, I blew off Grimm to go out to supper with Al. It had been a while, as I felt out the possibilities for the diet. I made a couple trips to the grocery and did some other things, but I can’t remember what those things were.

I would share my pleasure in having accomplished goals, this weekend. The AAA payment went out in the mail, and also correspondence with a nonprofit for which I am an RR. Today I got my personal laundry done, washed the dishes, used the elliptical bike, and practiced the piano.

This noon, I cooked a frozen 0.5 lb salmon steak in the oven, which I divided into four servings. I would guess that the remaining three servings should not sit too long in the refrigerator, and so I thought to flake the next serving to put on my lettuce salad. I am trying new foods and recipes, hoping to add different tastes and much variety to my meals to make up for the lower volume.

Ah! Time has gotten away from me, here. The puppies are awake, now, and insisting on their evening meal.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope that you will stop by Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog, if you haven’t already, to read her weekend post and find the link-up button with links to other WeekendCoffeeShare posts. That’s where I’m headed next.


3 thoughts on “8 January 2017 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Good luck with your diet. I have Gluten Intolerance but I am not a diabetic so I know what you are having problems with eating. We have a cat who thinks he must have a walk ane with the cold weather for two weeks. He does insist on my husband putting his coat on and pickingn up the leash before he accs the weather.. It is raining now and there is over 14 of snow where the water must go. Have a pleasurable week.


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