#WeekendCoffeeShare, 15 Jan. 2017 In and Out

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, our visit would be short. I have run out of weekend, again, and uncertain of where the time goes. Well, other than falling asleep in my rocking chair for over two hours, this morning, with my puppy sleeping on my lap. Ah!

I can offer you reheated or cold coffee, but hot tea is doable. I hope that you have been enjoying your weekend. Here, I am happy that the temperature has gotten above 0°F during the days. We have been promised a warming trend. This time I am waiting to see if it happens.

I am still working on my diet for gluten intolerance/type-2 diabetes. The dietitian canceled out on my appointment, this past Wednesday, and has no openings until the fourth week of February. So, I am making things up, still, as I go along. Ups and downs, fatigue, resulting loss of exercise time, unwashed dishes. But exhaustion seems to lead to deep sleep and some interesting dreams. I also am enjoying the books that I bought on type-2 diabetes. Learning about glucose indexes and levels. We stopped by the store on our way home from the dog groomers to buy a food scale with a digital readout, so I don’t have to hunt for my eyeglasses whenever I want to weigh out a portion.

I still have not been able to have my oral surgery or other dental work done. It will have to be done very soon. My glucose levels are below 200, now, which was supposed to be the goal for the dental work. I am going to put in a call to the clinic about that.

Were we having coffee together, today, I would soon have to excuse myself and head for the shower. My brother and his wife are coming to town to meet with us concerning our father (now 100 years old) and mother (deceased in November).  I hope at that time to be able to pass back to my brother the box of Dad’s papers that he handed off to me. My sister on the east coast has been copying and transcribing the folders of letters from WW II, when both parents were overseas (Mother in the Navy, and Dad in the Army).

I must rush off, now. Thanks for spending some time with me!


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