#WeekendCoffeeShare | A long week

I am happy that you’ve stopped by for coffee…though I am terribly late. I made some Decaf coffee concentrate, last week, since I am having to give up the caffeine, for the time being. There’s also hot water for tea—Lipton’s green and Tetley’s black tea.

This past week I had a bad cold, which, I understand, can cause my blood sugar level to rise. I’ve had a beastly time with the medication and meal planning. Because I tend to assemble foods, rather than cooking and eating prepackaged foods, I get tangled up in trying to figure out what the actual calorie, protein, carbohydrate, &c., data are. (Finally, two weeks from now, I will be meeting with a dietitian.)

I bought an extra (cheap) blood glucose monitor and strips, not using my insurance, so that I can take extra readings not allowed for in my prescription. I tested parallel for a bit, and the readings are close enough.

In the meantime, I am feeling well enough to be quite active, again. Losing weight more slowly than when I first went on the medication, but it’s still dropping. Al and I went out for dinner, tonight, and I was not tired out by the outing. We lingered over the meal, enjoyable conversation. The meal itself was satisfying; there is a labor shortage in this immediate area, and I think that the restaurant must have more new staff than usual.

Going out to eat has been a great treat for us, which had been curtailed, aside from family visits related to memorial and birthday gatherings, and then attempts at cleaning the excess out of the family home. Not by me or Al, but by other siblings and family.

I feel a need to share my uneasiness over postponing dental work that was critical as of the middle of November. Nothing hurts, yet, but it must eventually. The middle of this month, I’ve an appointment for the first crown. That will leave only a filling and a tooth extraction to get through.

Duty calls! The puppies need to be cuddled before they go to bed, and there’s laundry to move from the washing machine into the dryer.

I hope that you’ve had a nice weekend and feel ready to begin the new week.

Thanks so much for listening!


P.S. At Diana’s blog, Part Time Monster, you can find her WeekendCoffeeShare post, more information about the activity, and a links button which leads to URLs for other participants. Enjoy!


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