A lovely week | #weekendcoffeeshare

The Scampers, sleeping off their lunch.
The Scampers, sleeping off their lunch.

Thanks for stopping by for a [virtual] coffee break, this afternoon! If we were having coffee together, today, I would welcome the company. The puppies are taking their naps, and I’m halfway between lunch and dinner, wondering what to thaw from the freezer: Norwegian-caught salmon steak (4 oz./two meals left) or a chicken breast with salt-free Cajun seasoning.

I read an article in the NY Times, today, about procrastination being perhaps leading to inspiration. Thinking “outside the box”. I have hope that it will lead to more variety in menu planning.  I’m definitely a “last minute” person when it comes to anything but routine work, which I try to complete immediately, so as to create broad swaths of empty (thinking) time in the day and week.

After a week off from keeping a daily food journal, I am back at it, again. My appointment with the diabetes educator went well. My blood sugar is for the most part still headed downward. The dental work has been approved by my doctor, and continuing with the decreased dosage on my meds.

If we were spending time together, this afternoon, I would complain, I think, about this diabetes/diet stuff’s taking up too much of my life. Interrupts my thinking time too often. And then, stopping to reflect, it’s probably been worth the interruptions. Yesterday I woke up from a nap with a poem going through my mind, which I wrote down; I had a dream (entirely fictional) about my mother’s last few weeks in the care facility before her death.  Every time that I showed up, it seemed, she was asleep, and I chose not to wake her from her dreams, if she were indeed dreaming.

Too, the challenge of creating my own diet plan (I finally meet with the dietitian on Wednesday) has been enjoyable and spurred me to come up with new ideas, rather than being able to fall back on past favorite treats. Since the diabetes diagnosis on 2016-12-13, I have lost 15 or 16 pounds. When my husband and I went out grocery shopping, last night, and I wanted to wear my blue jeans instead of my lounging pants, I had to borrow a belt from him to hold them up. The weight has come off the middle of me.

In closing, I would mention that there will be upsets, here, on Monday or Tuesday, I expect. Late last week there was a water main problem (break? leak?) in front of the house next door. We have gotten out a couple of large buckets to fill with water for household/bathroom needs in addition to the cooking and drinking water that’s been filtered and is currently occupying a shelf in the refrigerator. Going to fill them, the coffee maker and the tea-water warmer before we go to bed, tonight. Just in case the city crew gets going on repairs before we are awake, Monday morning. Such fun! 😀

I have to get on with things, but I want to thank you for spending time with me. I have enjoyed the chance to visit, and I am looking forward to finding out what has been happening in your life.



P.S. Changes are coming about with WeekendCoffeeShare, which you can find out about at Part Time Monster Blog, where you’ll find Diana’s post and the Links button with links to other participants.


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