#WeekendCoffeeShare | 18 Feb ’17: A Progression

If we were having coffee together, this morning, I could offer fresh-brewed Toddy coffee (hot or cold, made with water or milk); tea:  Green, Irish Breakfast, and Tetley classic black; and cold, filtered water.

On Tuesday, I stopped by the clinic for a scan to detect osteoporosis, which is recommended for my age group. Still waiting for the results.

I am happy to report to you that the dental work scheduled for this past Wednesday went smoothly. A temporary crown is in place, and I return in two weeks to have the permanent crown glued in.

The other filling cannot be done until after the extraction is carried out; that ill-fated tooth is on the same side as the one to be extracted. So far, I have no pain, but only the beginnings of a dull ache; I hope that continues until I can be worked into the oral surgeon’s schedule.

After the visit to the dentist’s office, Al and I stopped at the senior living center to visit my father. My brother who lives in the same town was there, also, with his wife, and so we had a good time visiting. Father looks fully recovered from his years spent caring for Mother in their home. My brother who is buying the family home, says that they will maintain a bedroom for Father in case he might want or need to leave the senior living center at some point.

It turns out that my siblings do not, for the most part, share health information. At lease five of us, out of the remaining children, have type-2 diabetes, and for all but one, the diagnosis has been recent. Great story tellers, all, but sometimes unreliable narrators.

On a whim, now that I am thoroughly retired (since the end of 2012) and feeling much healthier, I have decided to resurrect my (formerly business) domain name and use it as a central site for my written work (articles, essays, poetry, short stories). I’d maintained registry of my domains for both freelance photography and writing/editing work, and am able to return to my original web host.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, this morning. I had better move on to the next step in my day, which is feeding the Scampers their noon meal.

Weekend Coffee Share has a new host. Please stop by Nerd in the Brain to meet our new host and find the InLinkz button (links to other participants’ posts).

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend!

Note: I compromised on the caffeine content by using 1 part decaf to 3 parts regular roast to make the concentrated coffee. However, when mixed 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water (or milk), Toddy coffee contains up to a third less caffeine than hot-brewed. Supposedly, caffeine raises the blood glucose level, although regular coffee is healthful in other aspects.


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