Checking in

I apologize for the long silences, here. Still trying to get my bearings. My father’s funeral was on Friday morning, and the graveside military service took place in the afternoon. As the eldest, I received the burial flag.

One of the family gathered the cartridges from the three-volley salute, and we hope to polish them and pass them along as keepsakes to immediate and extended family.Actually, Al and I now have the flag and gun cartridges from Mother’s graveside service, also, the family feeling it was fitting that their flags should be kept together.

parents in 1942, about the time of their marriage
Father and Mother

I am glad that once again so many family members returned for the funeral. We got chances to visit, although I had to take Saturday off to sleep. Friday evening, a bunch of us gathered at a restaurant for dinner and extended sharing. On Sunday afternoon, my brother from California came over to the house, and we visited until Al got back from his volunteer shift to give him a ride back to his hotel. And after his volunteer shift on Monday, Al also gave him a ride out to the airport.

I am not dealing comfortably, this time. One of my friends, a Friend in Colorado, telephoned me this afternoon, just as I awoke from (another) nap, and we had a good visit about parents, family dynamics and other sometimes unrelated topics. That felt really good.

In the midst of this, I am attempting to get back into the routine of exercising at least once a day. I also need to start preparing daily meal plans and following a proper diabetic diet, again.

It was good that John telephoned, because I feel rather as though I do not care to write anything. Or listen. Or talk.



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