Too Late for #WeekendCoffeeShare

If you would like a cup of hot cocoa, tonight, I could put an extra cup in the microwave for you. Or heat water for tea. Most of the new flooring has been put down in the kitchen, now, and after Al returns from the market with milk and apples, we will see if we can move the stove back to its proper place without putting gouges into the new floor. The area around the microwave and the hallway leading to the garage are still naked subfloor.

I made it through today, although quite tired, with only two naps. My night was restless, because I’ve had a cold and had problems with congestion during the night. Fortunately, I had washed out all the parts after my last use of the nebulizer, and so I was able to use my medication to get rid of the gurgling in my chest. I am back in bed again because of the cleaner that Al had to use to get the greasy crud off of the wall in back of the stove. My bedsitting room (formerly, office, computer room, and library) sports a HEPA air cleaner. There is an office chair across from me, and you can use … I can clear a place on the desk for your cup.

I am happy to see you! I have been, although tired, restless. I want to mourn my parents’ deaths, but I am not sure how to go about doing so. If it had been years ago, I would have written an entire journal about them in the intervening time. Instead, I am overthinking, remembering, and analytical, not reminiscent or sentimental. Watching myself think has become a thing.

If we were sharing hot cocoa, I would talk with you about grief and loss. One thing I would be curious about is how long one waits to get started on the process. Should? Mustn’t? I know that the stress, the amount of change, the transformation of the known world, makes it unwise to make major decisions. Twelve months of recovery time. Full mourning, to give the loss of a parent or sibling to sink in. Time apart to process and adjust. To find out who I am without them in my immediate surroundings, even if they haven’t been a part of my day-to-day life.

Thank you for the visit! My husband has just come home with the groceries, and so I am going to venture out to the kitchen and help maneuver the stove back into place. I have great hopes of an omelet or scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning, rather than microwave-poached eggs on toaster waffles. 😀

I hope that your week is wonderful!


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