What a Week! | 2017-03-19 | #WeekendCoffeeShare

omelet sandwich

If we were getting together for coffee, this weekend, I would apologize once again for being behind making time to meet. Unexpectedly, I found myself sleeping through most of Sunday, trying to catch up after a night, two nights ago, when the dogs decided to indulge in late-night singalongs.

There’s fresh-brewed coffee, but I’m out of Toddy coffee concentrate. For tea, I have Lipton’s black loose-leaf and Tetley in teabags. No snacks. I am still getting used to the diabetic diet restrictions—plus gluten-free—and avoiding anything crunchy, because of having a molar extracted on Thursday. I think the anesthetic is slow to come out, but there has been no actual pain, which makes me happy that I’d decided to forego pain killers.

On Friday, the puppies went to see the groomer, and they had a nice time. Charlie was scared, going in, (we must take him out more often, to accustom him to it), but blissfully happy when we went to pick up him and Thadd at the end of the afternoon. We met our groomer in the parking lot as we arrived at the store to pick them up, and got a report on their behavior.

On Tuesday I went to the clinic for my A1C test, which turned out nicely. It was well within the goal that my doctor had set. I have been doing much better on my diet since dropping the dosage by 500 mg. Since the 13th of December I have lost 20 lbs. and am well out of the obesity range. I no longer have any jeans to wear, not even borrowing a belt from Al. And the dogs ate all of my casual skirts. So, it’s the cotton, hypoallergenic lounge pants.

I am having problems again with circulation in my feet. I realized last night that in the midst of the dental woes, reflooring the kitchen, and trying to dust, sort and toss from the kitchen shelves, I’ve totally forgotten about both exercise and piano playing. Although generally speaking I am getting enough rest. I just have to get up and move around instead of falling asleep in my chair at all hours with a puppy on my lap.

I would also share with you the fact that I am still having a rough time forgetting that my parents are now dead. I still think of them as being in the old, familiar setting of the family home, which my brother is now renting from the estate until the waiting periods have passed and he can restart the process of buying the house.

We’ve taken a break, here, to go out and shop for groceries for the coming week. I was in desperate need of soup, which requires minimal chewing, as well as bananas, yams to microwave, and more eggs and waffles. It’s turned out that a poached egg on a waffle is a satisfying breakfast.

I am glad to have had this chance to visit. The puppies are demanding another trek out-of-doors, and then there will be “Puppy Time” before they go into their kennels for the night.

In my cleaning out of shelves and tossing things away, I came across a book,  in with the cookbooks, from the early 1990s that I do not remember reading. It looks interesting and different enough that it may serve as a good break from my normal fare (although still fantasy/science fiction): Temporary Walls: An Anthology of Moral Fantasy inspired by John Gardner’s On Moral FictionGreg Ketter and Robert T. Garcia (ISBN 10: 0963094440 / ISBN 13: 9780963094445).

Please find the Linkup and blog post at our host’s web page: NerdInTheBrain’s blog

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