WeekendCoffeeShare: Saturday Evening Edition

If we were getting together for coffee, this evening…I would have to brew some more, unless you’d like cold-brew from my homemade coffee concentrate. Al ate all the pastries, and I don’t make them because I fear I would eat them. And I shouldn’t. We will have to sit indoors, this evening, because dark is coming on, the wind’s coming up and the temperature is going down.

I must share with you the fact that my weight loss is sitting on a plateau for a bit. I have lost 20+ pounds since the middle of December, when I went on the diet to lower my blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) and drop some more weight. Slim pickings around here as I’m beginning to get my appetite back after the deaths of my mother (November) and father (February). I have once again begun my exercising, since having the last of my dental work done on Tuesday.

Currently I am rereading a(nother) favorite series of books. This one is Wen Spencer’s urban fantasy series Ukiah Oregon. Most wonderful! One of those where I bought a couple copies of the paperbacks, and ebooks for reading.

I also am doing the “write a poem a day” thing with a group of poets, new to me but for one writer I’ve known via the Internet for perhaps 20 years. (National Poetry Writing Month…April!) I am stuck on the list of prompts for Day 8. (Started using my The Written Word domain, again, mostly because I missed the email addresses.)

Also, we’ve three of the walls raised (see above photos) for the woodworking building that my husband planned for the back yard. I have hopes that once it’s up, my gazebo will be more thoroughly sheltered from the winter winds. Change the snowdrift patterns a bit. The spaces under the gazebo (it’s up on concrete blocks) have become a winter haven for neighborhood rabbits, which Thadd and Charlie enjoy chasing. They get a lot of exercise, and the rabbits never get caught. Not yet.

I must run off, now, to tend to the dogs, and then write my Day 8 poem. Thank you for dropping by. I’ve enjoyed the chance to visit.

Our host Emily’s blog entry for this weekend’s coffee share can be found here at NerdInTheBrain’s blog. There’s also a Link button, where you’ll find links to other WeekendCoffeeShare participants.

Have a lovely week!


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