WeekendCoffeeShare, 16 April 2017 – My life includes poetry

Thank you for stopping by for coffee! We returned from the family Easter gathering across the river. A very enjoyable time with wonderful food and many (often simultaneous) conversations taking place throughout those three hours (approximately). We now have milk to go with the coffee. (At this hour, Toddy coffee from homemade concentrate. Or tea from a tea bag.) I now am trying to get caught up with my computer stuff. The flatware is in the sink enjoying another soaking, and the puppies have gathered around my husband’s chair. (He must have brought food home from the grocery on his way back from the hardware store, just now.)

This week, we got the walls up on the workshop and most of the horizontal-vertical alignments measured and braced. The next thing after the ceiling plates should be the trusses, whenever they can be delivered. Relatives have volunteered to come over and help with the lifting, whenever.

My Monday meeting with the grief counselor went well, as has my resulting time off from active participation in the “write a poem a day during April” email group. One of the prompts for the 10th was to write a poem based on the contents of a spam email. Way back at the beginning of my quiltedpoetry wordpress blog, I started out that way, using spam as prompts for poems.  I still haven’t written a poem for April 15th, but the other days so far, including today, have poems, which you can find on my blog at thewrittenword.net in the NaPoWriMo category. 

It is worth mentioning that I had a nice conversation with my brother next in age to me, this morning, about what has been happening since the death of our father in February.  It is nice to touch base on that every once in a while. He is the executor for the estate, and he has a lot of paperwork to do that must get done. We were able to talk about things. Was good.

I would take you into the back yard to visit my wildflower garden, if you were here at our home. Some of the seeds have germinated and I’m quite hopeful for the future of it.

The time has come to send you home, now, with a packet of holiday desserts. I hope your weekend has been a happy one!

Best wishes,


P.S. You will find Emily’s Weekend Coffee Share post (and the links button) at http://www.nerdinthebrain.com/weekendcoffeeshare-the-one-with-fun-worry-cute-animals/ — please visit!



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