Sunday, April 30 | Weekend Coffee Share

wild violets growing among patches of grass along the front of the house
Wild Violets

Welcome! The weather has taken a turn for the better, and we could sit in the back yard while we enjoy our coffee. Or water or tea. We’ve a chance of snow, come dawn, but until then the most to worry about is an increasingly brisk wind.

I have had a quiet weekend, here. I did write three more poems—one on Saturday and two more today—to finish up April’s poem-a-day activities. I must say that I enjoyed that very much. Because you are physically elsewhere, you will not have to suffer through listening to me read any of my poetic outpourings for the month. I would not read all of them to you in any case.

My husband’s progress on the backyard workshop has gone well. By next weekend, I think we could take chairs out there and sit sheltered from both wind and sun, but for what comes through the openings where windows and a door will be placed. Neither door nor windows have been ordered, yet.

I would invite you to spend some time looking at the tulips and wild violets that are growing along two sides of the house, now, in spite of the cold winds and snow of this past week. The last of the snow melted way this weekend; it sat in the perpetual shadow of the gardening shed. Usually it freezes over, which limits the selection of items we can store in there. Trying to chop out the ice for access only wrecks the bottom foot or so of the door.

As I have mentioned, I am grieving the loss of both of my parents (November and February), and also, now, my youngest sister, who died on September 30 in 2014. Funny, how that all comes together in one great, big process. Concerning my sister’s death, I find that I am much more in touch with the reality of it, rather than wrapped in emotions. That helps.

A book of poetry that I came across by chance and ordered from an online book seller has helped very much. The poetry is written by a woman whose son died. The modeling of her/their grief has been extremely helpful to me. Once I have the time, I hope to write a short review on my review/reading list site.

I must go and leave you, now. My husband needs help with holding boards in place against the wind.

Don’t forget to stop by Emily’s blog: where you will find her weekend post and a link to the LinkIn, where you will find links to other participants in WeekendCoffeeShare!

Until next weekend,
Best wishes!


6 thoughts on “Sunday, April 30 | Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your parents and sister, but I’m glad that you’ve found the poetry collection to help you through it. That’s the power of art: it connects everyone and reminds us that our experiences can be universal.

    Hope you have a great week.

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    • Thanks very much! Best wishes for your week, also. I agree with you concerning the power of art to connect and help the process of healing. Is good.


  2. Thank you for the tea and for the lovely floral pics. I am a tulip fan, but they do not want to live in AZ.. best of luck with the grief does take time, and passes like a wave…

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