Sunday, May 21 | Weekend Coffee Share

Welcome! The weather is marginally warmer than April, but has taken a turn for the extended wet. We cannot sit in the back yard while we enjoy our coffee. Or water or tea. Even the gazebo would be too cold, even with the space heater  to warm the air.

I would share with you that I have left too many chores uncompleted to pick up others that could not wait. The past few weeks have been unpredictable and not well organized, as we fit in workshop chores around weather and appointments. I would have to look back on my calendar for reminders on what the schedule was. Yesterday we worked to fit in a drop-in at an open house for the graduation of children of friends from the marksmanship range we belong to.

Also, my diet, weight loss and blood sugar levels are more satisfactory since I have both cut carbohydrate amounts and the size of meals, spreading out the calories over more numerous, but smaller meals. I do keep running out of fresh vegetables! I am finding some good ideas in the gluten-free magazine, a subscription to which I have thanks to one of my husband’s sisters (a Christmas present).

My appointment with the grief counselor was great. She brought over a “theory into practice” book for me to borrow, and I have found it fascinating reading. So much so that I put last month’s left-over book allowance with this months to buy an ebook edition for myself. The idea of nonfinite loss (tangible or intangible), expanding the range of grief and dealing with losses that are ongoing, is helpful.  We will meet again sometime after Memorial Day.

I have, during the past few weeks, written some more poetry (see Here is one from May 11:

transparent to the past

clear paths that were lost
this future, not imagined
hold fast to life’s gifts

in each new day’s wakening
quiet peace, the simple joys

transparent to the past [a not-a-haiku]. Copyright © 2017-05-11, by Lizl Bennefeld.

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend. Best wishes for the week to come!

Until next weekend,


P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Emily’s blog: where you will find her weekend post and a link to the LinkIn, where you will find links to other participants in WeekendCoffeeShare!


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