Late at night | #weekendcoffeeshare 2017-07-30

If  you stopped by for coffee earlier, I would have to confess that I forgot the day! For me, Saturday seemed to be Friday until suddenly the day is now Sunday. I am enjoying a cup of tea, tonight, and trying to unwind before the weekend is entirely done with.

There’s still coffee concentrate in the fridge, if you’d like a cup of coffee. I’ve a tea bag or two left, after which I’ll need to find a tea ball and brew a pot with loose tea leaves.

All of my computers suitable for typing in my recliner recharging, and so I’ve grabbed a spare keyboard to plug into my little Lenovo 2-in-1 tablet (a 310 miix?). The touch screen went out again on the Acer Aspire (known problem, evidently), and I’m so used to having a touch screen, I’m having trouble coping, tonight, without it.

This has been a crazy week, again, for allergies. In the midst of that, I have done some weeding in the garden, since a lot of the early growing plants have lived out their life cycle and died as the summer’s lack of rain makes changes all around. Even though I’ve turned on the sprinkler a couple of nights, there still are large brown patches in the backyard lawn. It’s not just the flowers that are affected. However, the blue wild flax are making a stronger appearance as the competition for space in the garden has diminished.

In my spare time, while the dogs take turns sleeping in my lap, I have been reading L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s new book, Assassin’s Price, a first and second time. Lovely book! Rates a second read-through to savor the details.

In addition to worrying about finding a replacement touch-screen laptop (or a larger 2 in 1 tablet with keyboard), I am also fussing what to do about replacing the spinet piano with a portable digital. It’s not just the space that’s a concern at this point, but also being able to play the piano when my husband (and the neighbors) are asleep. I think it’s been months, now, since I last watched television, there are so many other things I’d rather be doing (such as staring at the ceiling or out the window and thinking…not a lot on television to watch in recent years).

I am afraid that I am falling asleep, here. Must sign off! There is a post by Diana at Part Time Monster Blog, our host for Weekend Coffee Share. Do stop by her blog for a visit and links to other Coffee Share participants.

Best wishes for your week!



3 thoughts on “Late at night | #weekendcoffeeshare 2017-07-30

  1. Liz, just popped by for a cuppa and to admire your flower portraits afresh. Have you considered the difference in touch between a digital keyboard and your spinet, and whether this would bother you? Also — I’m looking for a new portable device also, so I’m following this line with interest.


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    • I have been reading a lot of reviews and am aware of the need for weighted keyboard, sensitivity and how many notes can be sustained at once. Since I need the portability, I am concerned about trade-offs. I am looking for a true grand piano sound from it; I favor Rachmaninoff’s stuff, as well as Bach and Joplin. In recent years I have not played enough to be thrown off, I think, by a difference in the action. Going to see what I can do about the “try before I buy” situation. Each spring, my alma mater has a private appointment/sales of new and used-by-them keyboard instruments. I may sign up for that, next time it comes around.

      I have in the past been happy with Samsung laptops and netbooks, and I’ve got a couple of their tablets via Barnes and Noble’s Nook Books, which also please me. I’m in the middle of going through options and reviews of their laptops and 2-in-1’s.

      So happy that you liked the flower photos! Thank you for stopping in for a cuppa! That’s next on my list, here, after a late lunch. Hope you’re having a good weekend, there.


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