blue wild flax and seed pods in the late-september garden

Scattered Week | #WeekendCoffeeShare

This One & That One, Asleep

Thanks so much for coming to visit. If we were having coffee together, now, it would be an afternoon coffee break for me. The puppies are asleep on the loveseat across the room, and my husband is getting ready to head out for a shopping trip; he’s been digging a trench in the back yard, and now needs some more conduit before the electrical crew get here, this week.

If we were having coffee together, I can offer some variety. I am drinking Toddy coffee again today, but I’ve got two or three different flavors of black tea. Also, gluten-free rice&veggie blend crackers, hazelnuts and roasted, unsalted almonds. The wind is cold, but there’s no rain coming, yet, according to the radar, so we could sit in the gazebo. The wild flax drop their petals by noon or shortly after, but some few other wildflowers linger in the garden, and they do not discard their petals daily.

The leaves have started to change their colors. More of the berries are have ripened on the cotoneaster trees along the south fence line. We have birds in them all winter.  They move too fast for me to photograph, but the same is not true for the Painted Lady butterflies, this year. They have been stopping to pose for me.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you about my latest appointment with my doctor: the nine-month get-together after the diabetes diagnosis.  (Type 2 diabetes runs in the family, and I think all of us siblings have ended up with it, now.) I am to cut down drastically on my consumption of dairy products, due to a high calcium level; we had a good chuckle about that, since I practically live on dairy products. I’ve promised to give up half the dairy if I can add beef to my diet. Also, I am to quit using “lite salt”, which I have taken for muscle cramping since college (B.A. Philosophy, 1968 graduate); my potassium level is entirely too high, but since I am in effect taking a potassium “supplement”, there’s no way to find out if something else is failing.  Otherwise, my A1C has dropped from 11.7% in December to 6.2%, and my weight has dropped 37 pounds in the same time period. Next appointment, 12-month, we discuss cutting back on medication to see if I’ve got this under control with exercise and proper diet.

If we were having coffee together, i would tell you that I am frustrated with myself with regard to the poetry workshop and my flailing away at the assignments. As you may have noticed by my blog posts, I have not cultivated a talent for “terseness”.  I’ve looked and identified images in my “space”, but my mind makes up stories about them, and that’s what shows up on the page. What I need to do is describe in some detail several images that impact each other…and let other people’s minds connect with their own stories. Images…images without explanations or elaborations. … Yeah. Anyway, I was looking for something tough, not easy to do, that would engage me. Guess I found it.

If we were getting together for coffee, this afternoon, I would mention that the calendar’s beginning to look more reasonable. We have no more appointments scheduled for a while, now, other than my dropping in at the grocery store to have my flu shot (pharmacy in the building) and deciding where to go for an eye exam. The appointment with the dentist isn’t for another couple of months. I suspect that I would not cope well if I actually had “health problems”.

I would confess, if we were having coffee together, today, that I do have a frustration about the current gluten-free, low carb diet. I’ve worked around the gluten free, pretty much, but I don’t know how to handle the low carbs part of soup making. In winter, I live on hot milk and gluten-free soups, but both are high-carb/high Calorie. Researching the soup making might be a worthwhile pursuit before the totally frigid, windy weather arrives in North Dakota.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are. I’m one for holing up, and so I’m good, here, but if you thrive on the presence of people, I wish you much congenial encounters.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is all you need it to be.


P.S. It looks like our host is still out of contact. Best wishes to you!

blue wild flax and seed pods in the late-september garden
Blue Wild Flax Flower and Seed Pods

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