After Sunshine, Rain | #WeekendCoffeeShare | 14 October 2017

FM Community Band

all is still
but the raindrops falling
on the street

An afternoon for nostalgia! The rain has been coming down, off and on, for hours, and according to the forecast, that won’t end until early morning. I’ve got water hot and ready for tea (black and Oolong only, this week), coffee concentrate, and cold water from the refrigerator.

If we were having coffee together, this afternoon, I would invite you to look through the old photographs that my sister on the East Coast sent to me; they were in the materials she took back with her from the family home after Father’s funeral—a selection of pictures that she thought I might enjoy having, after she’d scanned all of them into her computer.

We put off grocery shopping until late afternoon, so Al could get the electrical work done in the workshop he’s building in the back yard. Yes, ongoing! He hopes to have the electrical inspection done within the next week or two. Now that groceries have been secured, he has another list for the shop. I spent yesterday evening catching up with laundry, and tonight I will be cooking meat for the week to come.  I have a lot of salad greens, nuts, broccoli, and a summer squash. I still am trying to cut more carbohydrates out of my diet to lower my blood sugar and keep it low as I cut down on the medication. I have been working to fine-tune the timing: when I can eat carbs and have the least reaction to the blood sugar levels. Times of the day and what foods to eat first and by how much lead time.

If we were having coffee together, today, we could take our cups to the gazebo, where I now can heat it without the space heater’s blowing a fuse! I put the foam blocks in the eaves, which are left open during the summer for increased air circulation. That is, letting the hot air out the eaves while cooler air comes in from beneath the floor. Which reminds me…I have to go out there and turn on the heater, so that when I exercise in the gazebo, it already will be warm.

Back, again…the weekend has taken another turn, and so I must end this post. Did not get enough sleep, last night, and now I can’t stay awake.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!



P.S. In the leading picture, I am the second person (in the trumpets row), and my youngest sister is in the row in front of me, second person from the left; she played clarinet.


2 thoughts on “After Sunshine, Rain | #WeekendCoffeeShare | 14 October 2017

  1. Thanks for the coffee Lizl. Do you still play the trumpet? I played the flute until I was about 40 and then I just stopped. Sometimes I miss it and look to buying another but they are so expensive to get a good one that I always put it off. A bit like a treadmill for me. I might have good intentions but then after a few times it falls by the wayside.
    I love looking at old photos and hearing the stories that are prompted from them. So much fun. Sometimes though the old photos are of people and places unnamed and you can only wonder who and what they are.
    Good luck with the diet. I love the idea of your heated gazebo. Wish I could join you in it.
    Have a wonderful week. Cheers Irene

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    • I gave away my trumpet and cornet about three years ago, Irene. I’ve had low blood oxygen levels since about 2010, and it didn’t look like I would recover enough to play brass instruments again. I quit playing regularly (community summer band and such) after I got married (age 45), because my husband’s dog couldn’t tolerate the sound. I still occasionally play harmonica and my soprano baroque recorder, as well as piano.

      Mostly just warm-up exercises, scales and arpeggios. To keep from losing the ability. I still am seriously considering giving away (or, if necessary, tossing) the acoustic piano and buying an electric keyboard, so that I can practice, using a headset, and not disturb the neighbors (or dogs).

      My sister is turning the parents’ correspondence and selected photographs into a book ( was a science fiction/fantasy/mystery novelist and freelance book editor while raising her three children) to privately publish and give to the immediate family and offspring and their children. My father went through a lot of the photographs and labeled them, and went through more with a couple of my brothers. Mother wrote two genealogy books (940-1900) which included photographs since photography became available. In ebook format, produced by my sister, to avoid printing costs, and sold privately on CDs.

      Oh! I have to get up, now, and feed the dogs! Hope that you have had a nice day, there!

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