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snow caps receding from outbuildings
Spring Melt

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share! There is coffee…and Toddy coffee. There is black English Breakfast tea. There is very dark chocolate in the refrigerator. On the table, there are mandarin oranges and apples. Please help yourself.

Warmer weather scoots in and out again, the spring melt is going satisfyingly slow, and I am tired. I forget from one year to the next that the warmer weather saps my energy and ambition. I would rather be sleeping than anything else. Wake me again in October, when the sunlight has started to shorten its hours.

If we were getting together, this weekend, I would show you the disparity of the seasonal changes, this past week.

This week, Al took the snowblower to the perimeter of the back yard, because the Scampers took to walking over the side fence into the neighbor’s back yard, where they encountered the neighbor’s hypersensitive, very loud spaniel.

Path to the Neighbor’s Yard

When I got the Scampers back into our yard and inside the house, I went next door to discover that Cutty’s owner had closed him in a bedroom where Cutty was still howling to be let out so that he could continue the fight. What fun!

I would also confide that we attended another family funeral. This time, a former client of mine whose daughter is married to one of my husband’s nephews. The fragrances (and wax from burning candles) were pretty bad, but we managed to get through half an hour of the visitation time and listen to instrumental music presented by some of his grandchildren, prior to the formal service. Sweetness. So sorry for them that they’ve lost one of their grandparents at such an early age.

This past week, I have sought out CDs online to replace some of my favorite LPs that have long since been lost. Music that I enjoyed in high school and college, that I find myself missing. I have not really listened to music during these past few decades, as well as no longer reading newspapers. listening to radio (other than 2-meter net), or watching television. Which reminds me: my husband read somewhere that some HF bands might be opened to hams with Tech licenses, which would mean that I could use our HF radios. I hope that the changes will come to pass. I bought an album containing two of Dmitri Shostakovich’s cantatas and his oratorio Song of the Forests. Also, Rachmaninoff’s piano concertos and Paganini variations and another album that included “Isle of the Dead” and his first symphony. I used to play a lot of piano pieces by Rachmaninoff. That sheet music has long since aged to the point of disintegration. If I become well enough to do so, I would like to get the piano repaired and start at least to get back into playing Bach and ragtime. Or get an electronic keyboard, if we could find a company that picks up and disposes of older pianos.

I would also mention that I have started reading a series of books, this past week. Years ago, I bought and read a related novella in the series, not realizing that it was not a stand-alone. I have now read the two books following that novella in the timeline and also the first book in the series. Anna Lee Huber is the author, and the series is A Lady Darby Mystery. A nice break from my usual fare, which as been mostly rereads of old favorites.

Thank you for stopping by! Hate to go, but I need to get a “real meal” in me.

Best wishes,

P.S. National Puppy Day pictures at TheArtOfDisorder and World Poetry Day poem at QuiltedPoetry (both WordPress blogs).



  1. I didn’t realize how much snow lies elsewhere. I’m back from North Carolina where in late February (when I arrived) there was a dusting of snow in Wilmington that shut everything down. I hope you are all right and you have a splendid week.

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    • Mere inches would have been lovely! I hope that you do not have any problems with snow/flood/rain, this spring.

      I think we broke a snowfall record for February in Fargo, this year, with approx. three feet of new snow. The melt is slow enough that we are hopeful there will be no seepage in the basement. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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