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Thank you for dropping by! I have yet to make either coffee (drip or Toddy) or English Breakfast tea. Relaxing seems to involve a total shift in activities (in this case, fooling around with various WordPress themes and thinking about a new blog) with long hours, too little sleep (the Scampers still wake up and demand their breakfast at the same time every day), and erratic meals and mealtimes (not good!).

After a few days off, I am back to writing poetry, again, in addition to the techie stuff.  February and April are two of my three poem-a-day months. Most of my writing partners dropped out before the end of April because of real-life priorities, but two of us made it through to the end.

Not my tulips, because my red ones have yet to appear.

The tulips are wind-tossed, petals curling dry, and ready to fall. It occurs to me that this may be a good year, once the leaves have died, to dig up the bulbs along the house and replant them, thinning or spacing them out as necessary. Over the years during which I was ill and close family members were dying, I neglected the perennials. Time for remedial replanting, again.

The college’s first Zoom alumni fund-raising event was…I don’t think I will attend another. Aside from my weekly and Patreon online gatherings, I have only one more live online event to attend: “We Need to Talk About Cancel Culture”. A New York Times event. I am still immensely enjoying the free workshop Poetry Heals on Wednesdays (7 PM in my time zone). This weekend’s Co-Working session for Liz Danforth’s patrons on Patreon will, hopefully, find me sorting books in the downstairs library into boxes to haul out to the curb for next week’s Spring Clean-up Week.

The books I have hung onto for so long, the parents’ Great Works of the Western World, must go out, along with the complete set of annual supplements (1951-end of the century). I am hanging onto the 1o study guides, thinking that I can pull selected thinkers’ works from Project Gutenberg online. I also have accumulated many science fiction novels that I will not reread, as well as many paperback books that I have in hardcover should the Internet/electric power/&c break down. There are books that are worth rereading using a magnifying glass. Just, not many authors qualify.

Natalie, at Natalie the Explorer, has an interesting lineup of topics and photographs, this week, including lovely flowers, historic buildings, and a goose. You can find her here: Five Fun Finds, including access to the Links Party for the week with others participating in Weekend Coffee Share.

I’ve got to get off the computer and fry hamburgers, now, since Al remembered to pick them up at the grocery, last night, along with the gluten-free Progresso soups that I like. Looking forward to reading the other blogs as time allows during the weekend.

Good-bye for now! Best wishes for the week to come!



  1. Beautiful pictures! Good luck with the book sorting….ugh! You talked about things not done during an illness. Are you ok now? I have a neuromuscular disease so I understand the frustration of limitation. Hoping all is well in your world 💜


    • I have multiple chemical and fragrance sensitivities, as well as food, seasonal, and smoke allergies. It comes and goes with the level of air pollution. The masks help with the larger particulates. Seems to run in our mother’s side of the family. One of our siblings is married to a person with myotonic dystrophy, and so I have some (totally inadequate) acquaintance with disease affecting the muscles. We do what we can with the available resources and social support. Well wishes to you!

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  2. Thank you for the coffee! Beautiful photos, I just Love tulips and your poem. I Love the creativity and it sounds like a great plan to start another blog for your poetry! ❤️ Have a wonderful week ahead! ~ Diana

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  3. Hi Lizl. You have my sympathies. Book shelf clearing is a terrible experience for any book lover. I’ve done it twice in recent memory and still we hurt for space. I’m convinced we only have room to live in our home thanks to kindle and books in their cloud. On the other hand, I still love the feel, even the smell of an old hardback open and in my hands with a mug of tea nearby and a couple of hours to read.

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    • Al allows as how he might want the Great Books set to stick around a while longer, and I want to keep the 10 reading guides that came with the set. Between me and my folks, I have accumulated the Great Ideas Today annual supplements from the first volume in 1961 to the final book in 1998. I’ve no hankering to read them after the first four or five years, so I’m going to put those curbside, tomorrow. Otherwise, I am getting rid of every thing that I don’t want to reread. I think that’s about 25 feet of shelf space it’ll clear. Oddly, in my old age, I am enjoying writing a lot more than reading. 😊 And yes, I still am hanging onto the hardcover editions of my favorite Science Fiction authors. Esp. those who’ve used my name for characters in their books.

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  4. Your tulips look very pretty. Were you thinking of creating a new blog in addition to this one? Thank you for your #WeekendCoffeeShare.


    • Thanks! While we were doing yard work,this morning, I got some more photos of newly bloomed tulips. And I have put off book sorting until tomorrow, because I DO want to get started on that new poetry blog. I want to meld my poetry with photographs more directly. Something different to fool around with. Another aspect of creativity?

      Again, thanks for all your work on the Weekend Coffee Share!


  5. Your tulips look lovely, definitely worth replanting them if they are not happy where they are now. I’ll try to find some nice tulip bulbs for next spring, I think.
    Enjoy the spring cleaning!

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