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Time to sleep

Running quite late, tonight, but there’s still half a pot of English Breakfast tea and some rice crackers. if it’s not too late in your day, the apples are in the bowl on top of the fridge.

The weather has been variable, but we finally got our first winter storm. Semis going off the highway, traffic accidents, sirens and emergency vehicles. ::sigh:: We are pretty much out of that, however, since the other of us caught a chest cold that keeps getting worse. (Finally got some Nyquil, this evening. Coughing from the bedroom at the other end of the house is quieter and more infrequent…finally!) i caught a cold, also, but it has not lasted as long. Still trying to catch up on housework and laundry. Also, we now have running water for the shower for the time being, and the toilet has completely new innards. Yesterday I took my first shower since last Saturday.

I have been trying to catch up on sleep. The bruising has eased a lot after my fall downstairs, end of September. The air quality has still been iffy, but I haven’t had to use the nebulizer for a couple days, now.

On Tuesday, we attended a funeral visitation. The husband of a couple who have been neighbors since the late seventies died on the fourth of bone cancer. A long and gradually debilitating progression. Recalled to mind my mother’s funeral in November of 2016. Wrote a poem in remembrance.

My poem-a-day project has been going well. I have written some extra poems, in case more unfortunate events eat up my writing time as the month progresses. I am having much fun trying out new Japanese poetic forms that I have been learning about on the Writer’s Digest website. Quite happy that I added that structure to the poem-a-day process, this time around.

It’s almost one in the morning, so I had better close this and get some sleep. My Artist’s Way class starts at ten o’clock, and I have much to accomplish before then.

Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to visiting more over the course of the weekend.

Best wishes!


P.S, Natalie the Explorer, our host for Weekend Coffee Share, has written another interesting blog post. That and the inLinkz (?) app can be found here. “Fall Cycling and Hiking.”

Too tired to proofread, tonight. Maybe tomorrow, though. ::sigh::

7 thoughts on “Time to sleep

  1. Goodness, as Midwesterners might say, you’re having a day. Only it’s been several days. I’m glad the Nyquil’s working and hope you get caught up on sleep. I know it’s said that one cannot catch up on sleep, but I like to dream (hah). I’m sorry to hear of your injuries from falling. And for your cold, even if it’s not severe. And you’ve had a winter storm. It seems to me that drivers act as if such a thing had never happened before. I’m still waiting for snow to fly here (southern Pennsylvania).

    I’m enjoying your poems following the Japanese forms. I hope you and yours get well and stay there.

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  2. Hi Lizl.

    I was glad to hear that your ride down those stairs is turning into just another memory.
    Chick that little adventure off of the bucket list and determine there is no need to ever do that again.
    I wonder at what it must be like to create poetry because as you know, I really don’t have that gene and poetry is largely a mystery to me. I do get wrestling with words to make them make the impression you want on your readers. But prose is a big enough challenge for me without adding the framework of different types of poetry on top.

    Hey, consider yourself invited to spend an hour with my new story, ‘Defending Canopy Station’,
    I spent my weekend finishing it and it’s a David v Goliath, space battle, nerd fest.
    Have a great week – yes, I think it must be time for a nap.
    Catching up there would be great.


    1. Ours was a poetry-reading family. (I was the oldest of 7 children; our father, the oldest of 12.) Memorized a lot of poems and songs. And English lit/composition was one of my majors in college.

      I bookmarked your story and look forward to getting back to it as soon as I can. Still working on yesterday’s poem and have not started on today’s. Thanks!


  3. Tea and apples sounds nice. We haven’t had any storms yet, although we’ve had some nasty weather recently.
    Well done with writing poetry every day!

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