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Finally July #weekendcoffeeshare (wk 26)

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photoart macro pollinator on flower petal
Hoverfly, Meet Flower!

Welcome! This week has been alternately sleep filled and hurried. My Zoom meetings for this week were Fifth Day’s Meeting for Worship for Healing; a long, lovely gathering with Liz Danforth et al. after her return from a gaming convention in Poland and catching up with old friends and new; and today’s First Day Meeting for Worship and social time afterwards. The tea is hot, and the Toddy coffee is ready. We have stocked up on fresh-frozen fruit and plain Greek yogurt, as well as very dark chocolate.

* * * * *

We are promised rain for this afternoon, and also for Independence Day, which is tomorrow. I am hoping that there is enough rain to discourage major fireworks demonstrations. And also the local neighborhood enthusiasts. In the meantime, my husband is mowing the lawn, finishing up the front yard and hoping to get the back yard cleaned up as well, before the rain shows up on the radar. (I sometimes wonder where they get their radar feeds from.) ::grin::

The past week has been relatively dry, and my flowers are coming back. The blue wild flax is putting out seedpods, the prairie cone flowers are…flowering. This is an “on” year for hollyhocks (blooms alternate years), and I have seen both red and pink flowers on them, so far. I do miss the honeybees and bumblebees who used to cluster so eagerly around the hollyhocks. However, the dandelions have not done at all well, and so the hoverflies (aka flower flies, syrphid flies) are making up for lost time among the side garden’s hollyhocks. The back yard has white clover, (more) alyssums, white campions, yellow clover, and yellow wood sorrel, in addition to a bold proliferation of orchard morning glories (i.e. bindweed) and vicious thistles. I have seen no sweat bees, this year.

My news for this week is that I finally got to the clinic for my (now annual) diabetics check-up. My numbers are good, and my weight still is going down gradually. My primary care provider suggested that I would not need an a1c test for my average blood sugar levels unless I felt it necessary at some point. So I will see my PCP midsummer of next year and my Diabetics Educator around the first of the year. I did get my 10-year booster tetanus vaccination. I was bold and let my husband take me to his regular restaurant for breakfast, after my appointment. A number of employees came to our table and asked for an introduction to the heretofore unseen wife. That was quite enjoyable. And I even got a hug!

I have not written as many poems, this week.The poems that I wrote to this week’s haiku and sijo prompts at #ronovanwrites are on my QuiltedPoetry WP blog. Hoping that you are enjoying the week’s activities and friendly encounters.

Best wishes,

Reading: Looking through my Modesitt books in The Imager Portfolio to see what comes after Antiagon Fire.

3 thoughts on “Finally July #weekendcoffeeshare (wk 26)

  1. I’m not too familiar with diabetes check-up, but I understand it can be frequent as 3 to 6 months. When I had a root canal, I had to go to the dentist frequently for deep cleanings. Finally, when it went down to regular cleaning every six months I was relieved.


  2. I enjoyed your update Lizl. That’s great about your numbers for your checkup. I love your flowers. I just planted some flowers in containers which I’ll share photos of this week for Coffee share. I love having flowers.


  3. Ah – reengaging the real world I see.
    Great news. I was shocked as covid took hold how much I missed the outside world but even the ability to walk through store isles without everyone being masked or face shielded is wonderful and each store I walk into I take it all in and am thankful that covid is finally moving off of center stage.
    Good for you on your blood sugar work. I too just got my A1C down to the high edge of normal and am enjoying not fretting so much about it. It sure took a long time to drive it down. Mine was seriously high before I started figuring it all out and doing what was needed.
    I do miss my pancake breakfasts all smothered in real maple syrup. I’d have to surround that meal with meds now.


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