Myself wearing a new shirt
New Shirt

Just another site tucked away, now that the others seem to have been either repurposed or tagged for going away. I now have only one domain hosted outside of WordPress.

Almost always in my family of origin, our British Isles/Norman heritage is celebrated. However, my father’s father’s people didn’t arrive in the United States until sometime in the 1800s, moving from NYC to Michigan, and then Iowa, before settling at last in northern Minnesota near the city of Detroit Lakes. When I was a child, I had a raft of aunts with homes on the eastern shore of Big Detroit Lake.

At a Young Age
At a Young Age

When I was young, I was told that my grandfather’s family were “black Norwegian”; that is, Sami. I have in my later years, now that my mother’s side of the family has been documented back into the 900s, gotten interested in finding out more about our Sami heritage. My brother, next in line to me (I am the oldest of the six siblings now living), has most recently been on a walking tour of Norway and the British Isles, and he has sent an email to let me know that he has picked up for me a book in English about Sami history.

At any rate, I just need a place to ramble, and this looks like it, since theartofdisorder.net has turned into health watch, meals and recipes, and laments about the longish plateau in the weight loss process.

My plan is to write in this blog when I get up and wrapped around my first cup of coffee in the morning, and blither until my head clears. I am not a morning person. My dog Sam definitely was. I am not doing well without her constant prodding to get up and do something!

That’s a long route to the explanation of my using my favorite nickname, Lizl, instead of the English or French version. Not that anyone else uses the name anymore—after a certain age, you just can’t push change on anybody—but it is how I think of myself.


(E. W. Bennefeld)


15 thoughts on “About

    • Oh, I think we should. Yes! The evening is when I really indulge. A cup of coffee & milk relaxes me for a sound sleep. Tonight’s cup: a quarter cup of homemade cold-brew concentrate (Folger’s medium grind classic), a quarter cup of half-and-half, and half a cup of whole milk. I heat it in the microwave to just before boiling, so there’s no bitter taste or oils, but only the rich coffee taste with the undercurrent of a chocolate taste.

      I’m *planning* to get to sleep before three o’clock. Read for a while, and then turn out the lights. My environment sounds track for tonight is “Midnight Rainforest”. (I’ve really got to figure out what I did with the “Loons” tape and put it on a computer. You a coffee-before-bed person?


  1. Hi Lizl,
    Just popped around for a coffee and to say hello. I’m not a morning person either. I am a definite extrovert. No doubt about it. You can see and hear me coming a mile away! xx Rowena


    • Thanks for dropping in! We “not morning” people must stick together. I now have my first cup of coffee for the day, having my husband out of the house for volunteer work and my dog, Sam, in from barking at … something in the next yard. I don’t think she really needs an excuse, other than receiving a dog treat when she comes back inside on command. 🙂

      I’ve spent a lot of my life as a wallflower. Lots of observing! LOL!


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