No time for coffee


insect in the grass
Computer Bug?

My desktop computer has eaten all of my original photograph files since 2003, and so I am working to put together a complete set from various temporary back-up external hard drives. Just got the last one that I needed (summer of 2017) out of a bank safe deposit box.

Next task is to head to the computer store for a few 2T or 3T externals, so that I can have a back-up at home and another in each bank.

I suppose that at the same time, I will go through each drive to delete any stray customer files (from my former freelance businesses), which will leave me with a few empty external HDs for continuing backups for my prose, poetry and photos.

And rough drafts. Lots and lots of rough drafts and experimentation.

I do not like it when a computer decides on its own, if and when files should be exterminated.


July 13: Ups and Downs | Weekend Coffee Share

large and small, brown teapots

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share! There is Toddy coffee, if you like, but also a pot of Oolong tea, which I have been enjoying, today. The week has been…awkward. My husband was coming down with something, I don’t know what, and became quite ill, Wednesday evening. Much better, today, and so he was up and around, finally going out to his workshop to build tables for the ham radio room. Things come to a grinding halt in the house when one of us is ill. Fortunately, that is not often.

During the week, to get out of the house (out of the way), the puppies and I spent a lot of time in the back yard, where I pulled weeds and took a lot of photographs. I also put in much more time on the exercise bike in the gazebo, most days, and spent more time there.

Almost every day, I post some favorite photographs from the morning shoot (flowers, wildflowers, miscellanea) in the back yard at the JPG Mag web site. This week and last, I got some really good pictures, and I was nominated for “Member of the Week”. Pleased to say that I was selected, today (selections are made on Fridays), and there is an announcement post HERE with a few of my photographs, a snapshot of me, and a link to my photo gallery.

This was a more active week than usual, although I did not get out of the house after Monday evening, when we attended a visitation at a funeral home in the next town.  The brother of one of our good friends died; my husband knew his mother, who lived in the same town when they were young. There was a great gathering of relatives and friends.

I did not write a lot of poetry, this week. (See photographs.) But I did manage to do one for the Ronovan Writes Haiku weekly challenge. It was odd. Based on a stray train of thought that seemed improbable until I got into it.

These past few weeks seemed unwelcoming, and so I tried to concentrate on activities close at hand. Things within reach that I could actually do something with/about. While I was on the exercise bike, this week, I read three novels in a favorite fantasy series by Sharon Shinn. I have read through a number of her series, this year. Her series and L. E. Modesitt’s novels are the most rereadable, right now. I am not in the mood for Pern (McCaffrey) or military SF. I did find a new book in Sheila Connolly’s Relatively Dead series. That was wonderful. And I pre-ordered Murder at the Mansion, which is next on my to-be-read list and was just released.

My blood pressure is still low enough that I’m not to worry about it, and I had to use my nebulizer, last week, but I suspect my blood sugar is doing better because of the increased exercise and decreased stress.

I don’t know what I can blame the disjointedness of my thoughts. Probably thinking about too many things at the same time. Thanks for the company, this evening.

Best wishes for your week!

Note: Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Eclectic Alli. Her post for this week is HERE, and the InLinkz link also can be found on that page where you’ll find other participants in this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.

Wet, out there

Woke up before 6:00 a.m. to the sound of thunder, and the storm is just now moving out of the area. The Scampers wouldn’t go outside without me, and so I took my camera with me.

I didn’t get to bed when I should have, last night, and so I am feeling not the thing, this morning, in spite of Toddy coffee, three ounces of fish (reheated from last night), and a slice of bread with peanut butter for breakfast.

Given the dark clouds, the first photographs of the morning were flash illuminated.

Husband and puppies are snoring, again. Think I’ll go back to bed, now.

Best wishes for your day!

Weekend Coffee Share : In the Garden | 7 July 2018

I had hoped to get a Weekend Coffee Share post written, this weekend, but ended up not getting back to it after selecting the photos. I do have some tea ready, but didn’t get around to putting on coffee. (It’s now Monday, late afternoon.)

Most of my week was spent in the garden, pulling weeds, taking photographs, and then helping to get some of the invasive vines out of the lawn. Of which we no longer have a lawn, actually.

The Scampers roamed and woofed, but did not contribute energy to the efforts.

Hot, Out Here

There was hot and muggy weather, rain too often, and several thunderstorms. Had the computers unplugged a lot. I did get some photos and poems up on my photo and poetry sites. My favorite is this one:

On Saturday evening, there was a Retirement Celebration for one of my husband’s sisters, which unexpectedly occupied three hours of our time. It was great. Met a lot of people, and we came home exhausted.

Thank you for stopping by. We must leave shortly for a visitation at a funeral home across the river from us. The brother of one of our good friends has died, and we need to be there.

My thanks to Allison (Eclectic Alli) for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share! I am going to look for the link to the InLinkz page. Now!

Best wishes for your week!


P.S. The “g” key on this computer is not working properly. Please excuse spelling omissions!

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Celebrating July

Blue Wild Flax, 2018-07-01

As I’ve sat here waiting for coffee-time Internet visitors, I have been looking through photographs from Julys past. Last summer, there were fancy poppies, where this year I purchased only the seeds for the golden California variety. In 2014, there still were common thistles growing along the garage, mingled with the hollyhock stems and flowers. I miss both.

I would share with you a few of the July photographs I have found, taken on 16 July.

During the past week, I have written a few poems: one for the Ronovan Writes Haiku” challenge: “Child and Safe” were the prompts; and one that I scribbled down this morning, thinking again about what is important for here and now…or, rather, what is not important: One-Day Flower”, with my beloved blue wild flax flowers on my mind.

I have gotten in a minimum of 8 miles a day on the backyard exercise bike, and my blood glucose numbers are way down, which is a relief, after they got so high while I needed to take doses of the albuterol for my breathing. I am finding that it is just as important to know what is blooming as why. 

The week has been brutal when it’s come to outside stressors, not least among them, not having any more information about my youngest sister-in-law, who is under hospice care. Her husband, my youngest brother, does not respond. I suspect ‘avoidance”. I guess I would react the same way, were it my husband.

If we were sharing coffee together, today, I would confide that I am in need of a break. Not from blogging or housework or maintaining diet and chores, but from things that matter most in concrete terms, and yet are not amenable to any gestures I make or could make in their direction. It is not a matter of feeling helpless, I think, because these are things that I never could or thought I could stave off or bring into being. It is more a matter, I think, of having a set of gifts/talents that does not lend itself to either world building or world destruction. A limited circle that does not stretch beyond these four walls and the back yard. And even the seeds planted do not grow at my command. Not even with watering.

It used not to bother me. What does bother me is, I think, living in a world that people do not seem to see. (Perhaps my submersion in political theory was not helpful, since I tend to see and feel in terms of theory and time, ongoing. I do not like it, Sam-I-Am! And I am familiar with my tastes!)

If we were enjoying coffee, together, this afternoon, I would invite you to visit the back yard and fall asleep next to me in the shade of the cotoneaster bushes for a quiet nap.Al is painting the gazebo eves…but quietly. I have a couple of large old quilts ideally suited to napping. And then ‎Café au laits before we go on with the world as it would be.

Best wishes for you during the coming week!


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