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Morning Coffee, Summer Memories

CloseupWhite Sweet William flowers in Morning Dew, © 2019-08-21, Lizl/Elizabeth Bennefeld, Photographer. of
Sweet Williams in Dew

I have been awake since a bit after 5AM, my dog lying across my shins. About ready, now, at 0730, to venture forth and exchange my nearly-empty water glass for a hot cup of cold-brew coffee. Once my blood oxygen percentage is higher than my pulse rate number.

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Midmorning tea

A lovely morning, here. I got out later than usual (sleeping Scampers), and so, no dew on the grass. The flowerbed was mostly in shadows, and I got some photographs of morning sunlight shining through tall blades of grass. And also some blue wild flax and white campions and alyssums.

This week has gone by all too rapidly, thanks in part to my spending so much time reading and so little on everything else.

I am spending part of my lunchtime write-in taking a break from…nothing? to pay attention to other than books and mind-wandering.


At one o’clock this afternoon, there will be a meeting for worship with concern for healing. One of my goals for today is to eat a proper meal beforehand, instead of defaulting to yogurt and fruit. Last night Al brought home store-made salads for us (cobb and chef’s salads/mine and his). I have been hungry for blue cheese, lately. Wondering what is lacking in my diet to trigger that.

This week, I have returned to my dancing exercises, now that both the smoke and pollen have left this area. My body just snapped back into place, and I feel really good. A far cry from the way I felt when I headed to the ER to get myself checked out for possible heart attack. Poor air quality is something I must pay more attention to. Something that has become a THING!

In reading, I have gone back to the (chronological) beginning of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover books. I cannot believe how long it’s been since I read some of them. Time enough for them to go out of print, and then finally come out in new editions in Omnibus collections. Restocking with the ones I didn’t have in epub format.

A few pictures from this morning…best wishes for your day!

Coffee Break · Good Morning

Midmorning tea

The tea is English Breakfast (a blend); my favorite, but last night’s brew and not warmed up. I have been out twice, now, to take photographs of the wild flax flowers in the side garden, knowing that in a month, there will be none left. On my first outing for photos, I also photographed bittersweet (climbing) nightshade, which after some years of absence, is growing up through the NNW corner of our backyard fence. A few of the berries are still orange, but others are a bright and intense red.

I am looking forward to taking part, beginning Saturday, in a noncredit class in The Artist’s Way, going through it with the class led by an associate professor whom I met in an online Artist’s Way “graduate” group in the early 2000s.

I am expecting to receive the Day 2 10-Questions event through Reboot. Third year. The first question, although expected, has floored me. I am going to tackle it again after I get done with some chores around the house (and make a fresh pot of tea).

Now that the weather is turning cooler, I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Doing more of the physical chores around the house. I am not reading so much, as a result. Poetry is flowing more slowly, but it just pop in when I focus on it. One thing that helps is that I finally came across the place where I had set all of my glass cases (with eyeglasses in them) where I would be certain to remember the location. Temporarily, they’re all (except for sunglasses) sitting in my bedside shelving, where they’ve only been buried in papers once.

Having eaten my dinner salad as a bedtime snack, last night, I am thinking “soup” for lunch with a hard-boiled egg on the side.

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Waiting to Open | Coloring

Waiting for my first cup of coffee, not wishing to wake the Scampers and begin the time-consuming morning routine. Yesterday evening, I amused myself with “coloring” some of my photographs.

False colors, black-eyed susans in the south sidegarden
South Side Garden

coloring fun
Waiting to Open

We seem to have missed out on the promised thunderstorms, last night. Aside from a chance of rain during the evening on Monday, we must wait until next weekend.

I didn’t get to sleep until after one o’clock, and so too few hours of sleep. Head’s stuffed. Allergy season is so unsettling.

Reading: I finished reading the most recent book from L.E. Modesitt, Jr.: The Mage-Fire War. Fascinating story arc. Recluse Saga, filling in backstories. Delicious!

Ah! The Scampers have awakened. I can make coffee, now!

Best wishes for your day!

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Borrowing some time

The Shadow of the Clock

Just a few minutes with a cup of water before starting the day. The Scampers have awakened before my alarm clock, and I find that I’d rather roll over and go back to sleep, but that’s not happening. Wide awake, now.

Good photography day, Tuesday. Looking forward, though, to some wind and rain. Energetic weather and electricity in the wind gusts!

Best wishes for your morning!