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Halloween Poetry Reading #SFPoetry


The Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual Halloween Poetry Reading available for viewing/listening. Every year various members of the SFPA record their Halloween/Spooky poems and submit holiday pictures for the page.

This year, I have recorded the poem, pretty much unchanged, that I posted recently on this blog. You’ll also find some of my photo-art pieces there.

I hope that you’ll stop by the page to look at the art work and listen to some of the MP3 recordings of Halloween poetry. We’ve got a nice lot of poems and pictures again this year. (There are links to previous Halloween Poetry Readings starting with 2006.)

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So long a weekend…

The puppies’ potty training is continuing, as is their adjustment to the sights and sounds of the out-of-doors. Our house is close to being on an airport flight path; they sometimes come overhead. The new neighbors are working with power tools in the back yard. And there’s a pileated woodpecker hanging out in the cottonwood tree across the back fence that has unnerved the puppies occasionally, too.

More fun is their having discovered sticks. Branches long enough that they can pull each other around the yard, playing tug of war as each puppy tries to gain possession.

puppies with long sticks

puppies with long sticks

This evening, we put the puppies in their kennels for a nap around five thirty, and then went out to dinner. That was good.

Then I cleaned out of the refrigerator all of the food that we didn’t get a chance to eat, the past week or so, and laundered all of my skirts and shirts.

Now I have to finish proofreading the SFPA’s annual poetry anthology (poems nominated for the Rhysling Award). I didn’t get as much accomplished over the weekend as I’d hoped, so I’m going to have to concentrate on it, Monday.

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Recent publication

I am pleased to announce the recent publication of one of my short poems by Star*Line.

Race to the end
Last galaxy in gets to start
the next Big Bang

—Elizabeth Bennefeld
Star*Line 38.4 (Oct. 2015), p. 15


Star*Line is the official newsletter and quarterly literary magazine (for writers of genre poetry) of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. The Archives of previous issues include links to the texts of Editor’s Choice poem selections.

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Poem published

My poem “Race to the End” has been published in the latest quarterly edition of Star*Line (38.4, October 2015). I’ve received my digital copy and am looking forward to receiving a contributor’s copy for my library.

About Star*Line:
“In January 1978, Suzette Haden Elgin founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association, along with its two visible cornerposts: the Rhysling Awards and the association’s newsletter, Star*Line.    Star*Line has become not only an SFPA forum and networking tool, but a literary magazine for poets of the genre persuasion: imaginative poetry from hard science fiction to high fantasy, from the macabre to straight science, and from rigid formalism to experimental and surrealist works.”