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door into summer | week 27 #weekendcoffeeshare

Host for Weekend Coffee Share, Natalie the Explorer: Three Amazing World Heritage Sites.

photoart new tree shooting up by garden shed
New Growth

Welcome to the (filtered, cooled) kitchen. We have hot brew and cold brew coffee; also loose-leaf English breakfast tea and the sample teabag packets that Stash Tea sends out for free with each order. I drink English Breakfast Tea, which leaves a broad range of choices for my visitors.

Summer has come, with dry ground and higher temperatures, and I, who dislike the hot weather, find myself befuddled when it comes to conversing coherently. Hence the photography and photo art off and on until the first frost of autumn.

"Guessing Games"

without words . . .
Schrodinger's cat has my tongue
or does she? 

I wonder if Schrodinger also had dogs, but was too timid to suggest any other-dimensional allusions to them.

  • hollyhocks at first light. red wall, sumbeams

My weekend is to be busy, here, with Zoom meetings (social meet-up and meeting for worship), and sibling and spouse visiting (on short notice) and possibly a short outing with them. I have 183 more photograph files from this week to go through, deleting the pictures I will not be using.

Making some headway with the breathing and allergy problems, including wearing a face mask whenever I am breathing the outside air, and taking a shower and changing clothes a couple times a day. Relaxed enough to take naps and enjoy leisure reading. (Still not back to Fukuyama! ::sigh:: ) Avoiding the news as though it were all old news. I am back to L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and his most recent book. Rereading it again in anticipation of book 2 of the series, which I think comes out in November of this year. I seem to remember his saying that book 3 in the series is also written and ready for publication early next year.

I have been writing little poems during the week. They just seem to pop up when I am working with my photo art. That is lots of fun. I did not have any problem coming up with poetry challenge prompts, this week. Quite pleased with what turned out; my RonovanWrites poems are, as usual, on my QuiltedPoetry WordPress blog.

Despite the frequent forecasts of rain showers, the grass has not retained moisture, but is turning brown wherever there is not shade from the sun during most of the day. Saturday is to be HOT, followed by promises for thunderstorms from Saturday night through Monday night. The thistles are doing well, and I hope to keep them growing to the flowering stage, when the flowers are fresh and delightful. Trick is to get rid of them, again, before they go to seed. I am already pulling up the smaller thistles around the gazebo. The gravel is deep, and I can easily pull them out, tap roots and all.

I had been worried about the absence of the spiders who spin the large webs in the grass along the bottom of the workshop’s base. Today, I at last discovered one spider in its customary spot, setting up a web. They are the ones, I think, that maintain large networks of sticky webs that catch all sorts of insects, but also dew on misty mornings and raindrops from nighttime rain. I love the dewy mesh and the shiny, metallic-looking drops as they catch the light.

Thank you for stopping by! Feels good to just sit down and chat about what’s been going through my mind, lately. Writing/talking/listening is the most relaxing part of my days and nights. Where do we live, after all, but in our minds, which convey to us realities as well as dreams?

Best wishes for the weekend and the coming weeks and years!

Hugs & much love!