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Awake, again

much fog and mist along a neighborhood street
Wednesday Morning Fog

Middle of the night, and I would like a cup of tea or coffee, but I hesitate to disturb the rest, who are now sleeping. I collapsed into bed at eleven o’clock, or thereabouts. Precipitously. And awoke at twenty of one.  A cup of warm milk would be wonderful, also, and I missed my 10g of dark chocolate. I did remember to take my bedtime blood sugar reading when I woke up (112 mg/dL), and then my temperature (96.7 °F), pulse rate (75 bpm) and blood oxygen level (94%). Now that I have brushed my teeth…reluctance.

Springtime molds and tree pollen are the allergens I’m most sensitive to. I think I have to give in and first, take an antihistamine tablet, and second, heat some milk. Otherwise, I still will be awake and achy at four o’clock.

New Poem: Changing Times


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One of my mother’s mass mailings to myself and my siblings included a humorous observation with regard to my father, from which I wrote a poem:

“Himself at (almost) 99 Years”

When last seen, barely hanging
onto life, old enough to die,
angry, and yes, he said, too
tired to move from off his bed.

Now again espied, he’s spent
two hours raking out a rock
garden and the two-lot yard,
filling 20 bags with leaves and
started hauling them away.

What wonders come from too much
time that’s spent in idleness,
staring at the ceiling and
muttering about the aches
that he now cheerfully ignores.

Copyright © 2015-10-24, by myself.


Actual coffee break

Because I slept away so very much of Friday, I ended up not getting to sleep until after three or four o’clock in the morning. I awoke after eight o’clock, and I am on my second cup of coffee. My first was cold-brew with half-and-half, and this second cup is drip-brew coffee, which I made for my husband when he woke, poured into the remainder of the cold-brew.

We have a grocery store stop to make before Al starts his four-hour shift at the marksmanship center. During that time I hope to finish washing all the dishes, pots and pans, get another batch of yogurt into the incubator.(Whenever I make the stuff, I wonder why I ever get the store-bought, because the homemade tastes so much better!)

Discovery! My “Do Not Disturb” setting on my telephone can be set so that my phone rings only when someone on my “Favorites” list calls me, or, less disruptive, only when someone on my Contacts list calls. Such sweetness! Early yesterday morning (I think it was yesterday) I started having trouble with some sort of allergic reaction, and so I got out of bed and took three aspirins and an antihistamine pill, and then went back to bed and finally got into a sound sleep.

Two hours later, a bit before eight o’clock, the phone started ringing. Robo-calls are supposedly illegal even when one’s mobile telephone number is not on the State/Federal Do Not Call List. And so my day was a series of interrupted naps, until I changed my settings and turned on “Do Not Disturb”.

I’m retired. Nobody really needs me, and those who have a claim to my attention are on or can request to be put on my contact list. What I need is sleep.


The Limerick

I finished a limerick, but was not happy with the versions that included enjambment, and so I bailed. Precarious Travel does address both the form and the prompt (imperfect).

and now I believe I have achieved at least one enjambment:

“Precarious Flight” (Take 2)

When Chester went down in the flight
balloon, there was scant time to relight
the gas nozzle there
that heated the air,
keeping Chester and basket upright.

Copyright © 2015-10-08, by E. W. Bennefeld.


The end of the day?

Al’s gone out to have coffee and pick up stuff from my shopping list. I am enjoying reheated coffee, the last in the pot. Added a lot of half-and-half. It tastes really good!

The day seemed altogether too rushed. The week, actually. I have gotten my writing done before my deadlines, for which I am happy. I decided that for Wednesday’s #BeWoW “uplifting/inspirational” quotation or other post, I would recycle another one of the articles published by Moondance e-zine, started by Loretta Kemsley (Women Artists and Writers International). I wrote and edited for them for a number of years, late 1990s-early 2000s. Today, I’d probably rewrite a lot of the stuff. If nothing else, it’s dated because of the activities Al and I were into then that we aren’t now. I think what I was getting at is still relevant.

I wonder how I ever got all that stuff done and also maintained one or two freelance businesses while keeping up with the … no, someone came in to do the cleaning every month, after I’d been married a couple of years and the work load picked up, again. I miss her. She did really good for a long time.

Once the heavy rains started seeping into the foundation of the house and we had to move so much stuff upstairs, things got out of control. I have to get organized. I even found my old Let’s Get Organized book, which worked really well when it was just me (before marriage) and I had no pets. We were in our mid-40s when we got married, and I’d been working freelance unofficially and then officially since the age of 37. I get tired just thinking about it.

Well, this will be the test. With new front window, new gutters, old sidewalks removed, and the lot regraded, there should no longer be water in the basement. That will be good.

I am worried a bit that I am not keeping up on my correspondence as I ought. It’s easy just to sit down and write on the computer screen. Thinking out a letter, revising it, laying it out on the page, and then printing it, finding stamps and envelopes and such…. Not yet. I don’t know how my mother does it! She’s now changed the cartridges on her color printer and gotten her October (and November?) calendar printed out. I imagine that means I will receive a homemade birthday card from her, again this year.

On my day’s list, I still have left washing flatware, dishes and pots. Ah, but the yogurt that I made earlier in the week is exquisitely delicious. I’ve eaten (and shared with my puppy) three jars in three days. It is most marvelous. And I think that I still have eight starter packets in the refrigerator. Al asked, before he left, if he should bring home another gallon of milk. I said, “Yes, please!”

(◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤