The building project et al.

All the framework for the walls is up. Measuring and fine-tuning, now, before adding the top wall plates.  Al has a tentative timetable in mind for getting more folks over here to help with the ceiling joists when they’re delivered. Aside from his sister and her husband’s coming over that one afternoon, I’m delegated to lift, carry tools and materials, brace supports, and hold the tape measure. Such fun!

In other news, the second meeting with the grief counselor from Hospice shook out some stuff that I am needing to address. Thinking about focusing my writing in that direction; I seem to have put aside the poem-a-day project. However, as I contemplate what needs contemplation, pieces that I have written come to mind. I expect that I will follow through with, (as I mentioned on the relevant blog before I started the National Poetry Writing Month group activities), reposting poems that I wrote previously, rather than pushing myself to write new ones, as seems necessary and appropriate.  I think I’m only behind three days (counting today) in posting a new one each day.

Also, I got a nice surprise this morning, when I checked my fasting blood sugar level. It was 112, which is the lowest it’s been since I started taking the medication for type-2 diabetes, the middle of December. The readings evening out, and the average drifting lower. Didn’t weigh in, this morning. Concentrating again on “what”, rather than “how much”.

I did pick up a “nourish bowl” at the local grocery, last time we went out to resupply. I like the idea, enjoyed the food, and am thinking about making some lists and doing up some of those for myself with my choices of veggies, roughage and the rest. Another activity to get me on my feet and doing.



WeekendCoffeeShare: Saturday Evening Edition

If we were getting together for coffee, this evening…I would have to brew some more, unless you’d like cold-brew from my homemade coffee concentrate. Al ate all the pastries, and I don’t make them because I fear I would eat them. And I shouldn’t. We will have to sit indoors, this evening, because dark is coming on, the wind’s coming up and the temperature is going down.

I must share with you the fact that my weight loss is sitting on a plateau for a bit. I have lost 20+ pounds since the middle of December, when I went on the diet to lower my blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) and drop some more weight. Slim pickings around here as I’m beginning to get my appetite back after the deaths of my mother (November) and father (February). I have once again begun my exercising, since having the last of my dental work done on Tuesday.

Currently I am rereading a(nother) favorite series of books. This one is Wen Spencer’s urban fantasy series Ukiah Oregon. Most wonderful! One of those where I bought a couple copies of the paperbacks, and ebooks for reading.

I also am doing the “write a poem a day” thing with a group of poets, new to me but for one writer I’ve known via the Internet for perhaps 20 years. (National Poetry Writing Month…April!) I am stuck on the list of prompts for Day 8. (Started using my The Written Word domain, again, mostly because I missed the email addresses.)

Also, we’ve three of the walls raised (see above photos) for the woodworking building that my husband planned for the back yard. I have hopes that once it’s up, my gazebo will be more thoroughly sheltered from the winter winds. Change the snowdrift patterns a bit. The spaces under the gazebo (it’s up on concrete blocks) have become a winter haven for neighborhood rabbits, which Thadd and Charlie enjoy chasing. They get a lot of exercise, and the rabbits never get caught. Not yet.

I must run off, now, to tend to the dogs, and then write my Day 8 poem. Thank you for dropping by. I’ve enjoyed the chance to visit.

Our host Emily’s blog entry for this weekend’s coffee share can be found here at NerdInTheBrain’s blog. There’s also a Link button, where you’ll find links to other WeekendCoffeeShare participants.

Have a lovely week!

Before coffee

The week was busy, here, as I helped with the wall raising. Several sections were too heavy for the two of us to lift and then hold in place, and so a sister and her husband came over from the next town to lend their muscle power to the project.

As a result of the added activity, I am behind on my Poem a Day project by one day. And, while I did get the laundry finished up, with the added incentive that my puppy, while at the vet, was unhappy with another dog, I have yet to wash the dishes. Enough so that I had to pick him up, which resulted in a damp shirt. 😦 It was amusing, but…

The dogs have their vaccines taken care of, and they’re in good health. Today I must figure out how to mail-order their preventative pills.

And now I must find something good to eat. We finally shopped again at the grocery that sells frozen buckwheat waffles. I must remember!

Too early for coffee

I am hidden away in my bed-sitting room with the lights off, hoping that the puppies will quit whining and go back to sleep…Ah! Quiet, again! {I do so love back-lit laptop computer keyboards!}

I am having a fun time, so far, with the poem-a-day national poetry-writing month activity (NaPoWriMo), having been invited to join a small group of friends in the event, all but one, a new acquaintance. [An introduction and my poems are here, at one of my first domains, which I’ve started over with my original host since retirement.]

Yesterday, as I discovered on Monday—must keep calendar up to date!—I had an appointment with the dentist in my home town for another filling. Should not have been a big deal, except that that tooth was the one next to the tooth that I’d had pulled last month. Needed more numbing than I’d expected. All is well, however.

With so many friends and acquaintances leaving/having left LiveJournal over the years, and with my sister and recently deceased mother no longer active on the site, I find that I have been spending less and less time there. Thinking seriously of sticking with DW and dropping LJ, even though I have a permanent account there.

Too many transitions right now, though, with SFF Net having shut down at the end of March. Will think about it, though.

Puppies are AWAKE, now. Another day begins. At least I can make some Toddy coffee while they’re outside. 😀

charlie, asleep

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Again, a weekend!

If we were getting together for coffee, this weekend, we might take our cups into the back yard, where we could settle into the gazebo and watch the dogs run and play together.  The rain is supposed to be over by eight o’clock, and so the ground may be dry by the time I’m awake, again. My husband has turned our garage into a workshop, where he is putting together what will become his actual workshop. His dream has been to plan and construct a freestanding workshop for his woodworking. The lumber for the frame was delivered, and he’s made enough progress that he’s recruiting friends and family to help raise the walls, sometime this week. Early, I think.

The excitement has been wearing on the puppies. Charlie fell asleep, one afternoon, on the back of the love seat. A little too much energy wore off too quickly. I’m surprised that he didn’t tumble off onto Thadd’s toy beaver.  The squeaking would have awakened Thadd, who was dozing in my chair.

Life has progressed, these past weeks. The grief counselor from hospice came by for a nice visit, a few days ago. We had only talked before, briefly, by telephone. An in-person meeting gave us a chance to get to know each other. We’ve made an appointment to get together again, a few weeks from now. I enjoyed being able to talk about my experience of and feelings about my parents no longer being alive and active in my life. Talking with someone who is not family permits me to talk more freely, and that results in my discovering what I do think and feel. And how I feel about thinking and feeling as I do.

I would share with you my delight in discovering that a new (30th anniversary) edition of my favorite Stress Management book was published in 2012, and I am enjoying my review of how to deal constructively with and mitigate the effects of stress in my life. My 12-month life changes points are well above 300, which is much too high. I don’t seem to be drowning my stress in food, however, as I continue to lose a pound of weight or more each week. Fourteen hundred calories a day now looks to me like a lot of food.

My disappointment, this week, is the discovery that all of my wildflower seeds, which had germinated periodically over this long spring, have died of the frosty nights and cold days. I found a seller on-line that sells seeds in smaller quantities than my go-to site and ordered California poppies in different colors and also both annual and perennial blue flax wildflower seeds. Perhaps by the time they show up, we will be finished with hard freezes.

I have been rereading some favorite books, this past week or so. I have just finished rereading Citizen of the Galaxy, by Robert Heinlein. The three-book As You Wish series by Mindy Klasky also has been enjoyable. As for new books, I have downloaded the Northern Yearly Meeting’s new Faith and Practice, which is available in epub format. I look forward to getting into it. A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg: A City Novel, by Harry Kalmer (a long-time Internet acquaintance), which I’m about halfway through, is fascinating. And totally beyond my experience of life. Challenging! A far cry from the rural/semi-rural Upper Midwest, where I’ve spent my life.

Late, here, getting to sleep, but I know that if I once again put my post off until morning, when I do not have enough time, I would end up not writing until Sunday evening.

I will get back to the post during the course of the weekend to add appropriate links. In the meantime, t hank you for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you again next week.

Best wishes,


P.S. You will find the InLinkz and our host’s WeekendCoffeeShare post here: Nerd-In-the-Brain.