What a week! | #WeekendCoffeeShare, 9 September 2017

A Hoverfly in the Garden

Welcome! If we were getting together for coffee, this evening, I could offer you Toddy cold-brew or coffee piping hot from the coffee maker. There’s also filtered water and a couple different kinds of black tea. I’m afraid we’re still working our way through the 1-carb. postage stamp-sized gluten-free crackers, but this weekend I have some “Seriously Sharp” cheese to go with them. Grab a chair!

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you that I finished the 20-day WP Writing course that I’d signed up for. Today, I wrote the Day 20 Wrap-up post. I think that this link will bring up the page with all the daily assignments: Finding Everyday Inspiration, but they’re in reverse order. I really enjoyed it, more so when I found more people going through the course and could read their posts, also.

As an added bonus, as far as I am concerned, I got my first handout for my four-week workshop, Introduction to Japanese Poetry, which included an introduction to the subject, examples, discussion, and an assignment for the coming week. I was quite happy to receive it, since I learned, yesterday, that we have another family funeral coming up, this week. We did not find out about the last two in time to attend; well, one was on the West Coast, which we couldn’t have made it to in any case.

The most recent is the funeral for my aunt who died on Tuesday of this week. Three more uncles died over the spring and summer, two on my father’s side and one on my mother’s side of the family. Father died at the end of February, Mother at the middle of November 2016, and her last remaining sister on the 20 October 2016. That’s now seven within ten or eleven months. I hope for a quiet autumn.

In the midst of all, I would tell you that I have finally finished reading both of the manuscripts that I got at the Con-or-Bust fund-raising auction. They are Fated Sky and The Calculating Stars, by Mary Robinette Kowal. They’re fabulous! I would tell you that the dream of my childhood, all the way through high school, was to go into space and be the first person to land on Mars. Well, that’s what these alternate history “Lady Astronaut” books are all about. Getting to Mars! Most, most lovely! My goodness! I can hardly wait for the finished books to put on my shelves and read the final texts.

If we were having coffee together, this evening, I would tell you about my dwindling variety of wildflowers in my garden. The flax and plains coreopsis are rapidly going to seed, and enough of the other plants have died out that I am able to weed out both those and the ragweed plants for disposal. Al brought home the new fencing for that garden, and I hope to find a cool, low-pollen day with minimal wind, so that I can take down the old fencing, trim out the weeds along the old border, and put in the new panels. We were fortunate that there were enough panels to put around the garden; when I found the ones I wanted, we discovered that they were on clearance at a reduced price. And if I had needed even two more panels, we would have had to go to two different stores to buy enough.

And I am talking too much, again! Sorry about that! I look forward to hearing about what is happening where you are.

Best wishes!


P.S. Our hostess, Diana, has her blog up at her Part Time Monster Blog, and the InLinkz button leads to URLs of others who are participating in this weekend’s WeekendCoffeeShare.


#WeekendCoffeeShare : Mist and Rain

I woke up this morning, later than usual, and went out with the dogs and my camera, to find that yesterday afternoon’s mist carried over into today. The sky is still cloudy, the humidity is high (78%), and the temperature is 67 °F. Quite nice for working outside, which Al is doing, today, putting wood filler over the nails where we put up the siding, yesterday, on the in-progress woodworking shop.

It’s just past noon, and so there’s still warm coffee, if you’d like some. I’m having Tetley Tea, and there’s still bottled water in the refrigerator, along with milk and coffee concentrate, if you would prefer your coffee cold. Today, probably not.

Yesterday we finished measuring, cutting, and putting up the siding on the north side of the workshop. It was fun. Windy, though. By midafternoon, we decided that we’d had enough, and so did not put up the rest of the siding on the west side. The south side (the entrance) is pretty much finished. After checking respective emails, we decided to go out for an early supper, payday having been on Wednesday, and then caught up on other, neglected activities…but not the dish washing. That’s still waiting for me.

I have been enjoying a new-to-me course provided by WordPress’s Blogging University: Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration. [I’m putting those daily exercises on my blog at The Written Word.]  I’m hoping to get warmed up with these assignments so that I will be attentive for the 4-week poetry workshop I signed up for, which begins on 11 September.  The workshop is Introduction to Japanese Poetry, taught by Naomi Beth Wakan. I’ve got her book, Haiku: One Breath Poetry. Looking forward to it.

My last meeting with the grief counselor was on the seventh of this month. I’ve been enjoying having these poster-size photo montages from my parents’ memorial services and from Father’s 100th birthday party in December. I rotate them, two at a time, rather than trying to put up all seven at once. Nice to look up and see them there, singly, together and with their siblings or mine. I have read some helpful books, both textbooks and self-help, recommended by the counselor and others that I have found. Some poetry books have been particularly helpful. I also have written poems of my own concerning death, grief, and mourning, both personal and more in the abstract.

In the midst of the mist, I took some photographs in the wildflower garden, this morning. Although the wildflowers are dying out, pretty much, there still are a few poppies hanging on, plains coreopsis, and my favorites, the blue wild flax. I hope that they will do well in this new garden space, over the years.

I am thankful that we have had this visit. I do enjoy these weekend coffee get-togethers. Here are links to Diana’s [host for Weekend Coffee Share] post for this weekend and the InLinkz URL, which also can be found on Diana’s #WeekendCoffeeShare post, ParttimeMonsterBlog.

Best wishes for you and yours, this coming week!



Too early for coffee

I am hidden away in my bed-sitting room with the lights off, hoping that the puppies will quit whining and go back to sleep…Ah! Quiet, again! {I do so love back-lit laptop computer keyboards!}

I am having a fun time, so far, with the poem-a-day national poetry-writing month activity (NaPoWriMo), having been invited to join a small group of friends in the event, all but one, a new acquaintance. [An introduction and my poems are here, at one of my first domains, which I’ve started over with my original host since retirement.]

Yesterday, as I discovered on Monday—must keep calendar up to date!—I had an appointment with the dentist in my home town for another filling. Should not have been a big deal, except that that tooth was the one next to the tooth that I’d had pulled last month. Needed more numbing than I’d expected. All is well, however.

With so many friends and acquaintances leaving/having left LiveJournal over the years, and with my sister and recently deceased mother no longer active on the site, I find that I have been spending less and less time there. Thinking seriously of sticking with DW and dropping LJ, even though I have a permanent account there.

Too many transitions right now, though, with SFF Net having shut down at the end of March. Will think about it, though.

Puppies are AWAKE, now. Another day begins. At least I can make some Toddy coffee while they’re outside. 😀

Sunday Morning Coffee Break

Good morning! I’m glad you stopped by! Things are a bit of a mess, here, and I’m happy to take a break to visit with you. This morning, I put the coffee on and decided to pair it with a square of dark chocolate for myself (90% cocoa, and not enough information to know if that’s mostly the cocoa butter).

If we were having coffee together, this morning, it would be in the back-yard gazebo. My kitchen is cluttered, because I had spent the evening getting ready to make yogurt (took the jars out of the incubator at 9:00 a.m.). Even though I hadn’t finished washing up after meals during the day. I took two rather long naps, when perhaps I shouldn’t have. Just as I had put the hot milk to cooling and had something to eat, my husband got home and wanted to go out to supper. And so we did. He ate pancakes, and I had my first banana split in many years. Hurrah for proper menu labeling! Takes a lot of guesswork out of ordering.

I would like to mention the latest email I received from my mother. I learned from her that my father’s youngest brother, who is only six years or so older than me, is in the hospital and unconscious. Wayne has been in a nursing/retirement home for at least three years. I worry about my father, even though he seems to take the losses in stride and was quite cheerful, although tired, when we drove to their home town for a visit, last month. It has been little more than a year ago that my youngest sister was buried.

By and large, this has been a good week. I have written a nice lot of poetry, and one of the three poems I submitted, this year, was published in Star*Line. (The other two were sent back with requests for revisions, but I have not yet gotten back to that.)

Do you keep a “To Do” list? I suspect that I may have, but I have not seen any for a while, now. Sometimes I worry that my memory is failing me.

I’d love to chat longer, but Al’s awake, now. I’m going to make scrambled eggs and serve him breakfast in bed. 🙂