Good Morning · Nattering

Morning…cranberry juice, leftover chicken

I have not wanted to get out of bed, this morning. Now that I’ve had breakfast (reheated rotisserie chicken breast, potato salad and cranberry juice) and fed/outed The Scampers, I’m ready for another nap. The only thing on today’s agenda is haircut and visit to the grocery for more milk.

The rain is past, and the sun is shining. Beautiful day!


Thursday’s Breakfast

fruits, yogurt and orange juice

A light breakfast. Al is still coughing in spite of the cough medicine. Fed him melon slices, this morning. I was awake from 2:00 until 4:00, and again at 6:30. Naps ‘r’ us.

The temperature at noon is 38°F with wind gusts in the +30 mph range. Hoping for no rain, this week, with forecasts in the 30s and 40s for daytime highs. Going to lose a lot of the snow before spring arrives. May sit in the gazebo for a while, this week.

Good Morning

Finally, our storm

The snow arrived at last, after the winds started to die down. I am not sure why, but I did not fall sleep, last night, until after five o’clock. I sent four aspirin after the warm milk. The winds beat the cables and ropes against the antenna tower. Surprisingly loud. The bad weather will, theoretically, cease at Noon.

Cottage cheese and melon slices, I think, with half a cup of squash soup to start.

dog eating snow, gazebo and garden in background
Sam in the Snow

Best wishes for your day!